A young woman sees a man in her dream. Meeting him in reality, she discovers that is vice versa - he saw her in his dream too. Both recognize they got a task of importance to mankind, given from higer hidden spheres. Following the signs they start with action and do what needs.

  • Marina Tetarić Prusec
  • Marina Tetarić Prusec
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  • Best Treatment at the Script and Storyboard Showcase, Los Angeles, 2020
Writer Biography - Marina Tetarić Prusec

Marina Tetarić Prusec is a Croatian film director and screenwriter.

Born in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated from Drama, Film and Television Academy in Zagreb – film and television directing (mentor: Oscar Winner Dušan Vukotić), also studied sociology.

Two times she won prizes for screenplays in Sarajevo, so there directed two films.

A few years she directs a series of documentary and documentary-features for the Croatian National Television.

A few years she works in the Ministry of Defense RC – in Public Relations Department which includes film-TV studio. She works as director, writer, in production, also developing different forms.

In 2001 and 2003 she went to Rome in Italy, where she presents Croatia at the International Film Festival Eserciti e Popoli. There, in 2001 for her documentary “Under The Horizon“ she won First prize for the best film in its category (in competition of 70 countries worldwide).

For directing film "Tunnel", she received the Silver Award at So You Think You Can Act, a competition exclusively targeted to recognize the talent of directors and actors from around the world, US, 2019. With the same she entered the Official Selection of The Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Showcase, 2020, and also the New York Lift-Off Film Festival, 2021.

Her screenplays for feature films are at the top of film festivals most in the US, then in India, Russia, Singapore:

"Wild Time" is selected in Top 10 finalists at the European International Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2019 (in competition of more than 600 projects), and also is nominated at Jaipur IFF, India, 2020.

"Superincognito" is selected into the Official Selection of Film Festival LA Under the Stars, Los Angeles, 2020 (in competition of more than 1500 submissions), and also is nominated at New Delhi Film Festival-NDFF, India, 2021.

SF "Connection" won as Best Treatment at the Script and Storyboard Showcase, Los Angeles, 2020.

"Flyby" is the finalist of the European IFF in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2020 (in competition of more than 800 projects), and also is selected in Top 7 finalists of the Film Festival Hollywood Art and Movie Awards, 2021.

"The Smile" is nominated at International Screenplay Competition ISC@JIFF (Mind to Audience), Jaipur, India, 2021, and also is selected in Top 10 finalists of Film Festival LA Under the Stars, Los Angeles, 2021 (in competition of more than 1000 submissions).

“Flight to Eternity” won as Best Treatment at the World Film Carnival, Singapore, 2021.

At invitation of the festival organizers, she participated in a script panel at the Hollywood Art and Movie Awards, 2021.

For directing film "Flight of the Sky Masters" she received the Exceptional Merit Award at the Nature Without Borders film festival, US, 2022.

“Wild Time” is the finalist (with Excellence Award), “Flyby” and “The Smile” are semi-finalists of the International Screenwriting Competition (between 1846 submissions), New York, 2023. At the same competition, "Range" is a semi-finalist, NY 2024.

Five times she entered the prestigious list of the best screenplays Hot 100 Winners, at the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition, with the projects: "Flyby" and "The Smile" in 2021, "Range" in 2022, "Flight to Eternity" in 2023, and "Superincognito" in 2024, Los Angeles.

She is married, has two sons.

Main filmography:

• DOG, feature film

• TIME FOR HUMANITY, documentary-feature film

• THE UNUTILISED, feature film

• HOMELESS PEOPLE, documentary

• FOR PEACE AND LOVE, documentary-feature film

• INVALIDS OF WAR, documentary

• GOD LIKES ROCK'N'ROLL, TOO, documentary-feature film

• LONGING TO RETURN TO BOSNIA, documentary-feature film

• DIARY OF A COMBATANT, documentary-feature film



• KRAPINA, BIG SMALL TOWN, documentary

• UNDER THE HORIZON, documentary

• TEN, documentary

• TUNNEL, documentary

• MENU, documentary


• HOUSE UNDER THE SUN, serial about architecture

• FARM, docusoap


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