Butterfly Skull Mask

Tanner, who is phlegmatic and enthusiastic about art and nature's creativity, inspires her to complete college and establish her own company. While adjusting to her new life in the beautiful state of Florida, she encounters someone from her past. Savanna is a one-of-a-kind person with devilishly hilarious demeanor and a strange fixation with spiders. Tanner's customary reaction when Savanna named a single person was unsettling. We investigate the dimensions of Tanner's performance change by exploring for Savanna's genuinely subcortical opinions regarding Josh.
You are _______ upon the death of Josh Tanner/Savanna.

Writer Biography - shelly dormevil
new generation ,up to date trends and style.

relational transaction anaylsis-listening and questioning
The significance of conscious and nonconscious patterns of relating -- Dynamic ego states the significance of nonconscious and unconscious patterns, as well as conscious patterns -- Aspects of selfhood -- Principle
The importance of curiosity, criticism, and creativity -- Fighting for a mind of one own -- Where do we dwell? --
Tanner Charismatic/value-based.visionary,inspirational,self-sacrificing,trustworthy,decisive,and performance-oriented.
modern evil
Narcissistic overinflated and unjustified sense of self-importance and preoccupied with fantasies of success; believes he is entitled to special treatment from others; shows arrogant attitudes and behaviors; takes advantage of others; lacks empathy

  • shelly dormevil
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    Short Script
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    Action, Mystery, crime
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    United States
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  • pandemic innovation,
Writer Biography - shelly dormevil
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may I be under grace and not under universal law.