Brides of Jesus The Feature Screenplay

Hunted by an evil Monsignor, a young nun joins a girl rock band and fights back with guns and guitars.
Novice nun CC and punk rocker Tigre front the band Brides Of Jesus. CC witnesses a nun’s murder by the Monsignor and his righthand, Eugene—Tigre’s ex-lover and nemesis. Framed for the crime, the two girls are hunted by both the Church and the police. Through rock ‘n’ roll action scenes with guns, guitars, car chases, and double-crosses, Brides of Jesus pull together with their fans and fight back. CC and Tigre discover their love, only to face the murderous Monsignor. But Eugene turns on the Monsignor, saving the girls at the expense of his own life. A rock ‘n’ roll fantasy with a killer soundtrack, this film explores the rebellious teen spirit that guides us to believe in ourselves.

[what the film looks like]
The brick factories of the Industrial Age that line the streets of Providence surround this gritty, post-punk, action-comedy. The nights are sultry, shadowy and the interiors go from sweaty punk clubs to lush Catholic interiors. Car chases and gunfire are visualized like a graphic novel. The live performances are intimate, capturing the immediate energy of small venues. The band wears thrift store treasures they tear apart to highlight their tattoos. This contrasts with the rich fabrics of the Monsignor and the formal dress of the convent.
The animation is where the film finds its color palate. The comic book imagery takes us inside the places our heroines get hurt, pushing the back-stories and showing how tragic events are contextualized in memories. Movies like Ghost In The Shell, Watchmen, and seen in the films Hellboy II, Kill Bill Vol 1, Natural Born Killers, The Wall, and Tank Girl.
The music of Brides Of Jesus mixes Punk and EDM, delivering a sound that is unique to them and full of melody which is woven into the narrative through cues and reprises. The lyrics are uplifting and define the heart of CC and Tigre.
Our journey aims to be the zeitgeist of this generation. Much like The Breakfast Club, Baby Driver, Fight Club, and Sid And Nancy. It’s animation and dance number give it a lasting impact, making it a film worth revisiting. The story is a new addition to a long line of great rock ‘n roll road films. Bohemian Rhapsody, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Almost Famous, and The Blues Brothers.

[why should we make this film]
The world is in protest. Young people in record numbers are taking to the streets and standing against institutions that aim to keep them down. Our story reflects that struggle. It codifies the desire to be heard. It is a journey of strength and hope. CC and Tigre teach us to truly love another, we must first find acceptance in themselves. LGBT films like Brokeback Mountain, My Beautiful Laundrette, My Own Private Idaho, The Hunger, Blue Is The Warmest Color, Velvet Crush, Girl Interrupted, Moonlighting, and Call Me By Your Name.

  • Joe Bartone
    The Derailers
  • Jose Zambrano Cassella
    The Harbinger
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    United States
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    July 31, 2020
  • Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards
    June 15, 2020
  • Film Invasion Los Angeles
    April 22, 2020
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival®
    February 22, 2020
  • Los Angeles Film & Script Festival
    April 13, 2020
  • Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival
    July 27, 2020
Writer Biography - Joe Bartone, Jose Zambrano Cassella

Creator Joe Bartone is an award-winning filmmaker, music producer, and post-punk guitarist, In the early ’90s, his band took the stage at NYC’s CBGB’s and Boston’s Mamakin’s. As a youth, he attended a Catholic boy's school and prepared for the priesthood. Joe left the church and reinvented himself in the fast sex and drug post-punk culture of the underground music world. He emerged with a heartfelt new perspective on society. He is a long-time advocate of LGBTQ rights and put all this love into a single, harmonious, Rock N’ Roll fantasy - The Brides Of Jesus.
Joe is the writer, co-songwriter, and co-director of the project.

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Writer Statement

We all love stories. But the ones that stay with us are from the beautiful and broken people in bars, tenements, and on the streets. Our characters suffer tragedy but reflect upon them with humor and strength. This movie is filled with songs we wrote and are as much a part of the narrative as the script is. We hope you enjoy it and please, check out the music sample we prepared for you.