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  • Benjamin Tovee
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    6 minutes
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Director Biography - Benjamin Tovee

Benjamin James Tovee, born on March 23, 1990, in Norwich, England, is a budding filmmaker with a unique perspective on storytelling. Although he has been in the film industry for a short time, his zeal for filmmaking is rooted in a lifelong passion for stories. From spending countless hours immersed in books as a child to dissecting the intricacies of films as an adult, Benjamin's journey has been shaped by the narratives that surround us.

Benjamin's directorial style is inspired by a confluence of cinematic legends like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, and Guy Ritchie. Biohacked is his debut short, a testament to his dedication and talent, accomplished in a mere month. With a fresh voice and a dedication to profound storytelling, Benjamin is set to make a mark in the world of cinema.

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Director Statement

Biohacked is not just a mere venture into the genre of science fiction. It seeks to shed light on the ever-persistent dark corners of our digital age. The story follows a social media-obsessed woman whose desire for affirmation and an influencer-esque lifestyle leads her to a sinister biohacking experiment. Through her journey, we witness the harrowing realities of trading personal agency for digital popularity.

The inspiration behind this short is the omnipresent grip social media has on our lives, shaping our perceptions, values, and often making commodities out of individuals. By amplifying this concept through the prism of “biohacking”, we explore the extent to which humanity might go for ephemeral internet validation. The secondary theme, the proliferation of AI technology, further intensifies the narrative, hinting at a world where content is created ceaselessly, with humans as mere puppets.

Biohacked was created as part of a one month film challenge. From ideation to production, on no budget was a formidable challenge. Every phase, be it scripting, sourcing locations, or post-production, was compressed into this tight timeframe. This added pressure, rather than a hindrance, became a catalyst for creativity.

My hope is that audiences leave with a renewed introspection about their relationship with social media. The digital world can be both a boon and a bane, and my intent is to underline the importance of genuine, offline connections.