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The documentary is about the shelter for cows saved from a slaughterhouse. It is situated in the Ukrainian village Bezvodnoe in Nikolaev region. The main character of the film is Oleg Manilyuk. People who took part in the movie are Oleg’s wife Tatyana Manilyuk, his children, village inhabitants and other people who take care of these wonderful and strong animals. A beautiful family of the Manilyuks took a mission of cows rescue and protection. The magnificent animals of different kinds are taken here under very different circumstances. Many of them are bought on the way to the slaughterhouse for donations that come from different symchapathetic people.
Bhumi is a vedic goddess of the Earth. The movie involves not only the topic of the cows rescue and vegetarianism. The main message of the film is philosophical. We try to reveal the topic of human and nature interaction, look for recipes of happiness and harmony. The film shows the technologies of “Conservation Agriculture” in action, tells the 12-year old story of the shelter and an interesting stories about the “BHUMI” pets.

  • Olena Kutinova
    Circus on the Wire, The Web: story of Odessa Land-Art from the first person, Oleg
  • Olena Kutinova
    Director of Photography
  • Olena Kutinova
    Circus on the Wire, The Web: story of Odessa Land-Art from the first person, Oleg
  • Olena Kutinova
    Circus on the Wire, The Web: story of Odessa Land-Art from the first person
  • Lora Koniahina
    Key Cast
  • Oleg Maniluk
    Key Cast
  • Tatiana Maniluk
    Key Cast
  • Denis Maniluk
    Key Cast
  • Anastasia Poplavskaya
    Key Cast
  • Pavel Malcev
    Key Cast
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  • Runtime:
    56 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    January 1, 2019
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    0 USD
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Director Biography - Olena Kutinova

Was born in Odessa in 1978. Graduated from the philological faculty of Odessa National University. She worked as a journalist and copywriter, screenwriter for films, games and cartoons in various Ukrainian and international projects. Writer, director, video operator, editing director. For more than 10 years, been making custom-made video products, and now decide to realize her experience and potential in shooting her own author's cinema.

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Director Statement

Since I was a child I have loved animals, especially cows. I would like this film to make people think about their relations with animals. Now an interspecies chauvinism is observed when charming home slackers, cats and dogs, are put on pedestal of human adoration and so-called agricultural animals face horrible tortures because of the human greed. Cows are smart, kind and beautiful creatures. That is their kindness that played a wicked joke in the modern world with them. Due to cows we get most useful food products but people seldom think about the facts that cows are personalities deserving love and respect.