Beyond Wonderland @ Jade

The first concert of the Beyond Wonderland project.

Nü Moon, the band behind the spectacle, is an eclectic formation revolving around a psychedelic and poetic dimension. Fusing with experimental sounds from the cosmos, their music is transcendental from another universe.

The story, like a glimmer of hope coming out from an endless tunnel, is imagined and directed by Mickaël Ankri.

The performance, which the author plays and choreographs, is accompanied by very unique melodies. Sig, Monki Freeman and Alassane Wade excel here in sound experimentation.

Imagine yourself in front of a scene where sound and light merge at the height of your senses.

Gongs, chimes and bells come to life as the show progresses. Then, to harmonize the composition, come synthesizers, bass and drums.

Lasers, leds and other special effects also come alive with the performance. The audience is then transported into another reality: a parallel dimension.

The story takes place in another time, a lost world in search of dreams. This odyssey of existence shared with the spectators is akin to a sensory experience.

The transition from darkness to light, symbolic and metaphorical, is expressed by the transformation of the narrator in the middle of the story.

Masked, dressed in black, the hero, with his verses and poems, dances to the rhythm of the music, hypnotic, sometimes frantic, on the edge of a mystical experience and a shamanic rite. To the amazement of the audience, he reappears mysteriously dressed in white, like a phoenix rising from his own ashes, immaculate.

The story then evolves in space, until the enigmatic meeting of a celestial entity. Back on earth, the hero returns with a new vision and the hope of bringing peace to the world.

Beyond Wonderland is a philosophical tale, a spiritual quest in search of the self and the essential.

Magic, enchantment, myths and legends are the themes borrowed in this dreamlike and existential adventure.

-Mickaël Ankri (Narration, fx, Gong).
-Sig (Synth)
-Monki Freeman (Bass, Sound fx)
-Alassane Wade (Drums, Percussions)

  • Mickaël Ankri
    Nekropolice, Hypnoesis, Once upon a time
  • Mickaël Ankri
    Nekropolice, Hypnoesis, Once upon a time
  • Mickaël Ankri
    Nekropolice, Hypnoesis, Once upon a time
  • Mickaël Ankri
    Key Cast
  • Sig
    Key Cast
  • Monki Freeman
    Key Cast
  • Alassane Wade
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Completion Date:
    April 19, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    3,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
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  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Mickaël Ankri

After his London filmmaking debut NEKROPOLICE, Mickaël's new vision sees the light in 2012, HYPNOESIS [Sleep and Awakening], a sound and vision experience..

Ground breaking video editing, Hypnoesis re-assembled messages and symbols from the corporate world, entirely filmed on the streets of London. The film got completed with Paolo Carnevali’s fascinating soundtrack and stunning melodies.

The feature length documentary, 5 years in the making, conveyed a surreal depiction of the system. An alchemical fusion of thoughts, vision and perception through the realm of advertisement, and which would years later become the foundation for Mickaël’s visionary art gallery WONDERLAND in Pornic.

In 2018 Mickaël produced a new music video : "Il était une fois" (Once upon a time), introducing the White Rabbit on screen interpreted by Maëla Vidal, who stepped on the “Beat of the White Rabbit”.

In 2019 Mickaël releases a new project with musician friends: BEYOND WONDERLAND, a performance fusing between experimental theatre and a musical and mystical experience. The band later on inherited the name Nü Moon (Rebirth).

The year 2020 sees the beginning of a new era, it also sees the release of futuristic video clip "Break Out!" A journey to a colourful and dynamic dimension, an invitation to break through the world of illusion we live in.

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