Begin the Beguine

Two families from different eras, one White and one Black, are inextricably linked by a violent family legacy and a historic home that holds a haunting secret. The story unfolds across two timelines, intricately weaving their lives together through violence, love, acceptance, and the discovery of a shared past.
Set in the 1940s and 2018, the story narrative revolves around Patrick Henderson, an African-American man facing racial tension and discrimination, and Amy, a young, expectant White woman navigating her family’s racist past. Fate and a determined spirit haunting Amy’s new home draws these two protagonists together, uniting them through a hidden history enmeshed in the walls of a Civil War-era duplex.

The 1940s storyline delves into the powerful love between Patrick and Albert, a White man, as they defy the prejudices of their time to embrace a forbidden romance. Amid external challenges and internal struggles, they find solace in each other’s arms, leaving an enduring love story that echoes through time. In 2018, Amy, Albert’s great-grandniece, uncovers this buried history.

As Patrick nears the end of his life, at nearly 100 years of age, he seeks to be near Albert’s spirit, which haunts their former home. However, their lives intersect with Patrick’s lifelong racist tormentor, George – Amy’s Great Grandfather, forcing them to confront the consequences of a legacy rife with racism and homophobia.

Despite grappling with her family’s prejudiced past, Amy finds acceptance and compassion in the embrace of Candace, Patrick’s granddaughter, and her family. Amy and Brad, her husband, forge a profound connection with the elder Patrick and Candace, learning invaluable life lessons from their unwavering love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Their journey to secure both of their families’ legacies becomes a race against time to save their children’s futures. Only through love and acceptance can they ensure a brighter, inclusive tomorrow for their families, bridging the gap between generations and rewriting the narrative of their shared history.

  • R. A. Modro
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    drama, Romance, War, supernatural
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    United States
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Writer Biography - R. A. Modro

Ron Modro is a Senior member of the LGBTQ+ community and a passionate advocate for all marginalized communities. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these communities, Ron has experienced firsthand the devastating impact of the AIDS pandemic, losing hundreds of friends. Throughout these difficult times, he has witnessed the discrimination and neglect faced not only by the LGBTQ+ community but also by other marginalized groups. This includes discrimination by governmental institutions, religious institutions, and even within families. Despite these hardships, Ron's resilience and determination have allowed him to persevere and become a beacon of strength.

Ron Modro's dedication to storytelling and advocacy is evident in his accomplishments and recognition. His work has garnered awards, including Best Teleplay at the New Hope Film Festival Screenplay Competition, and he has been acknowledged as a quarterfinalist in prestigious screenwriting fellowships. Through his compelling narratives, Ron aims to amplify the voices of all marginalized communities, raise awareness, and inspire change.
Ron Modro, with his unwavering commitment to advocacy, is ready to take the next step in his career. By sharing stories of resilience, love, and triumph across diverse communities, he aims to create a lasting impact and contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic society.

Having lived in countries such as Morocco, France, Luxembourg, and Finland, Ron has gained valuable insights into the experiences of marginalized communities worldwide. Through independent journalism, documentary filmmaking, project development, and cultural/historical research, he has deepened his understanding of the struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, and other marginalized groups.

With a background in media production and award-winning screenwriting, Ron possesses the skills and passion necessary to make a significant impact in the industry. His expertise extends to content development, screenwriting, project management, and strategic planning. Proficient in various industry-standard software and social media platforms, he is equipped to engage with audiences and share stories that resonate with diverse communities.

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Writer Statement

As a Screenwriter, Ron firmly believes in the transformative power of film to inspire change and foster empathy. He recognizes the ability of film to highlight the experiences of all marginalized communities and shed light on their stories. Ron's own life experiences, including discrimination faced by various marginalized communities, have prepared him to be a storyteller who amplifies their voices and advocates for their rights.