Bašta Fest is an international short fiction film festival held in Bajina Bašta, Western Serbia. It is an annual event that takes place during the first weekend of July and it lasts for four days. Due to the profession of the founders (actors Jovan Jelisavčić and Maja Šuša), the festival's main point of interest is a collaboration between directors and actors. We believe that focusing on the quality of that joint artistic effort will have a positive impact on the positioning of Bašta Fest among short film festivals. Bašta Fest is of great importance for the decentralization of culture since it has brought diverse film, music and off programs to this beautiful region. One of the priorities of the festival is to promote incredible natural beauty to a large number of visitors.
Nevertheless, our primary goal is to convert this festival into an exciting cultural oasis, which supports local and international young artists, putting emphasis on short fiction films with authenticity. The main selection is a competition short film program. Two films are screened as a part of a non-competition, special program every year - one during the opening and one during the closing ceremony. The last to be screened is a debut feature film from the Balkan region, chosen by the Bašta Fest team as the most successful one of the previous year. The entrance to all screenings at Bašta is free of charge, and they are always being held under the open night skies. There are currently four official festival locations: Borići Park, "Dušan Jerković" square, the cinema "Vlaja" and Lake Perućac.

The main selection is a competitive film program, and it is being chosen by the festival programmer and art director Maja Šuša. A three-member jury of film authors and artists gives cash prizes and statuettes. The awards are given for: The Best Film (Golden Imagination), The Best Actor and Best Actress (Golden Interpretation). Youth Jury also awards a prize for the Best film (Youth Jury prize), and their participation in the program encourages and cultivates the responsible critical approach of high-school students.

Bašta Fest is an international short fiction film festival, which means that to be selected for the competition program, you may only apply fiction films up to 30 minutes. Applicants must be produced within the last two years (i.e. not be older than 2021). Keep in mind that the festival pays special attention to the collaboration between the director and actors, thus when choosing films, priority will be given to those with authentic acting achievements.

Overall Rating
  • Gargantua Film Distribution

    Thanks so much for screening our films! Very nice festival!

    July 2023
  • Bartosz Reetz

    Thank you very much for inviting me to the festival and for selecting my short film "Tramway". It was fantastic! A wonderful festival in Serbia in a small town in a beautiful region. Maja, Jovan and the rest of the team do a great job. Highly recommended!

    July 2022
  • Laurent Bilodeau

    As a distributor, working with the Basta Fest team has been a real pleasure! Laetitia, our director, was invited to come to the festival so we worked together to make it possible for her. Someone from the organization even took her the first night after she landed in Belgrade. Laetitia loved her experience, both the activities and the bucolic landscape of the city, the members of the organization etc.

    July 2022
  • This year was my second time visiting Basta Fest, and both times it was amazing. Basta is a really unique festival, with a very devoted crew behind it who shine with positive energy, and the film selection is very strong. Every day of the festival there is a daytrip, one day a bout tour which is a great opportunity to network while cruising trough stunning nature, and afterwards go for a swim in the local lake. Second day is a stunner, lake Zaovine, and a chance to mingle while swimming, and having a picnic. The Opet Air location is beautiful, you are surrounded by pines, and it has a really authentic vibe. I would recommend to everyone to visit the festival if they get a chance.

    July 2021
  • Laurent Louis-De Wandeleer

    Basta fest selected my last short movie, Queen Crocodile, and going there was my best idea of the year. It's hard to describe : during the daytime you have excursions in the mountain lakes, with all the team and the crews (ie : easy to network, to make friends, to take time to talk about the films) and in the evening the films are shown in open air, under the stars, in that small city away from everything.

    It's marvellous, the quality of the selection is quite high… and the team is extra-nice. I felt like a king :)

    July 2019
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you <3