Brand New Theatre presents the Summer of Love Drive-in Film Festival.

The Ancient Greeks had 8 different words for love that encompass the selfless, selfish, passionate, soul-filling, and heartbreaking feeling. From deep friendship to obsessive love to self absorption, Love is what makes us human. It can feel perfect or ill fated but it keeps us connected, keeps us searching, and drives us. In a year of missed connections, Brand New Theatre is toasting to a summer of vaccinations, celebrations, and a whole lot of love with our ‘Summer of Love Drive in Film Festival.’

Beginning March 1st, we’ll be accepting short film submissions inspired by your love of storytelling that keeps us connected and kept you creating (info and descriptions to come!) We invite all young USC artists to share their quarantine creations in a safe and collaborative way. Selected films will be screened at a drive in theatre in late April and will be judged by a variety of campus groups, with awards and prizes presented by industry professionals.



You will be asked to provide BNT with a link to a google drive containing the following submission items:

-Write BNT a cover letter (can be short but max length one page) telling us what you want us to know about your short film and how love (whether it be yours or within the film) plays into your work.

-Submit a signed video release:

(optional things to add the the drive):

-Submit up to two stills from the film that you feel act as a visual “cover letter” for your film

-Submit script: Only those who submit a script will be considered for best screenplay

The festival will be judged by a variety of specialized groups on campus including BNT, MTR, WCA, and more! Awards will be announced at the festival by industry professionals. These professionals will also be awarding winners with one-on-one zoom calls to dive into questions and stories about the industry.

-Must have been co-written by a current USC student
-Must have been produced by a team lead by USC students
-Must have all original or copyright free music, images, and media

-must be in line with general PG-13 rules
-we are showing this is a community area and must respect the space we are coming into
-no nudity on screen

Submissions open from March 1st-27th
Late submission deadline March 31st

Entrance fees:$bntusc

Regular submissions: $10 entry fee paid to BNT cashapp (@bntusc)
-If an individual wishes to submit more than two films the entry fee is $5 for all following submissions (1: $10, 2:$10, 3:$5, 4:$5.... etc)

Late submissions: $15 entry fee paid to BNT cashapp

Length of entries accepted:
Maximum of 30 minutes
You may submit longer works but the length must be addressed in the cover letter you submit and BNT may accept you entry with the condition that it be shortened.