Over the past few months we have been working behind the scenes to figure out how to approach the Ax Wound Film Festival this November.

Unfortunately, a digital version will not be feasible and we cannot guarantee the health and safety of people traveling and being in a small theater space for two days. Nor would we want to even risk that.

We plan to reach out to people individually but wanted to get this message out as soon as possible.

If you submitted a film already, your money has not made its way to us yet and FilmFreeway can issue your refund directly. If you need help finding where to do that, don’t hesitate to email us.

We will be back in 2021!


We are a feminist horror film festival featuring work exclusively written and directed by women.

This special event has been described as having a "family vibe" and features 2 days of diverse horror films, filmmaker Q&A panels, presentations, and networking opportunities with other women creating top-notch horror films at different stages of their career.

Once accepted we celebrate all filmmakers equally. Women don't need another space to be pitted against one another. Not having a competitive atmosphere allows for a chill vibe to watch each amazing film, hear the stories from behind the scenes, and connect with like-minded women who may end up becoming your new friend or future collaborator.

We work hard to promote film selections and support selected filmmakers as much as humanly possible via our social media channels, website, and other media in 2020 and into the future as alumni.

We offer gift bags to all visiting filmmakers courtesy of unbelievable sponsors and will make more announcements here as we continue in the planning process. For example, in the last few years, we have been able to provide 10 copies of Final Draft screenwriting software to all filmmakers who wanted to enter the raffle.

Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2020!

We are currently seeking short horror films, features, and trailers for projects written and directed by women filmmakers from around the world.

The genre of "horror" is open to interpretation and can be expressed via a haunting ghost story, gore and fake blood spurts everywhere, suspenseful/psychological mind-benders, 80's slasher nostalgia, hungry vampires, zombies, aliens, experimental footage, and anywhere in between.

> All films must be both written and directed by a woman.

> It does not matter what year your film was completed and prior screening status is not something we consider.

> You may submit work that is still in the final phases of post-production but please use the cover letter to provide us with a specific date when the completed version will be available and describe what aspects of the current version will be changed (color, sound, etc).

> Filmmakers are assumed to have followed current copyright law regarding all music and images in film before submitting to the festival.


All films that meet the submission criteria are viewed by a panel of artists, filmmakers, academics, journalists, and fans, who collectively provide thoughtful and often wildly different opinions and feedback that help make up the final selections.

Our judges are always rooting for you and your work!

Overall Rating
  • Ax Wound is a wonderful, warm-hearted, inspiring festival. Lady Hunters got to play in a gorgeously curated block, and that is no small feat! All the films we saw that weekend were terrific, and I got to meet some really fantastic filmmakers. Communication was always easy and friendly, the marketing and images are cool and fun, and it was just lovely getting to hang out and support other female horror filmmakers. Such a warm, friendly group, a standard that is set by its incredibly warm, professional, caring, and friendly director!

    February 2020
  • Diana Porter

    This festival is the best of Women Empowering Women and it is just so wonderful! The greet you with an EXCELLENT swag bag and free snacks and drinks. The Theatre is intimate and it helps create an environment where networking is easy. We're all watching movies together and afterwards we discuss them! The town is adorable and it's an easy walk to a few cute spots to grab a meal. I met a TON of wonderful film makers, who I have had continued contact with and am planning future project with at least 2! Love it!
    The Organizers go above and beyond promoting the films and reaching out to film makers. They aren't just friendly, they are AMAZING. I don't plan to have a film ready to submit next year, but I will attend.

    December 2019
  • Georgina French

    I wasn't able to attend the festival unfortunately, but the communication leading up to the festival was warm and friendly. Thank you very much for supporting Women in Horror and for supporting our film in particular :) Hope to make it over the pond to Vermont another year. Best wishes

    December 2019
  • I highly recommend submitting to AxWound. Their passion for horror and horror audiences is incredible. Communication was great. And, their support for filmmakers through social media posts was really appreciated. I hope to show there again so that I can make it to Vermount to take part!

    November 2019
  • January Jones

    I was thrilled to have Lone Wolf included in Ax Wound Film Festival's official selection. I was unable to attend the festival but communication and social media shout-outs were great. I will definitely submit again and would love to attend in the future.

    November 2019