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Art of Revenge

NICK SALT, an abstract painter heavily in debt, convinces his cat PABLO to help him create the paintings for his next exhibition. In exchange NICK will ensure the cat is not neutered, even though NICK’s wife LISA PEPPER insists. The critics herald NICK as a genius and he receives plenty of commissions. LISA suspects NICK is having an affair with her best friend and house guest, LILY. Seeking revenge, LISA insists the cat be neutered. PABLO overhears and attacks LISA. On her return from hospital LISA demands PABLO be destroyed. The cat escapes from the vet’s office and returns to the house planning revenge.

    20 years as a TV journalist
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    United Kingdom
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  • Grim North screenplay competition
    December 31, 2019
    First prize in black comedy section
Writer Biography - STEPHEN QUINN

In 2011 Stephen Quinn had a near-death experience. Since then his focus has shifted from writing non-fiction (28 books published) to fiction. He has written three novels (with one published), poetry (one collection published) and screenplays. His first screenplay Art of Revenge won first prize in the dark comedy category at the Grim North screenplay competition in December 2019. He has written, filmed, directed and edited two short films.

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