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1700 years ago the wall of Lucus Augusti watched over the so called world, in the present the descendants of the Roman and Celtic people that lived in the area, recreate the most important festival about the Roman Emporium in the world.
In a moment like this with a huge economic crisis in Spain, the people from this little city in the north-west of the country demonstrates a great willpower expending most of the year trying to make this festival even better year by year, all to show the ancient culture that they have and to make people happy for some days as one of our senators will say in the documentary.
12 years ago everything began because of the proclamation of the wall of the city as World Heritage, only some associations were attending that day to this event, today all the city becomes a little part of the old Rome, bringing back the Gladiators fighting for their lives in the Circus, old Gods and mythological creatures running all over the city and the Soldiers and Praetorians looking to keep save the Emperor Cesar Augusto.

  • Brais Revaldería
  • Brais Revaldería
  • Jaime Alamán
  • Xera
  • Iván Carrasco
  • Ota Hsieh
  • Andres Lemonk
  • Jaime Alamán
  • Maria Morla
    Art Director
  • Juan Carlos Gomez
  • Hadrian Andre
    Sound Editing
  • Eduardo Garcia
    Camera Operator
  • Hugo Fernandez
    Camera Operator
  • Jaime Alaman
  • Brais Revalderia
    3D animation
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Feature
  • Runtime:
    1 hour
  • Completion Date:
    June 14, 2013
  • Production Budget:
    24,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Festival Internacional Cinematográfico de Toluca
    Toluca, Mexico
    October 12, 2013
    Center America Premiere
  • Noida International Film Festival
    Noida, India
    February 9, 2014
    Asia Premiere
    Best Documentary Jury Award
  • 16 George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
    Florence, USA
    March 8, 2014
    North America Premiere
  • American online Film Awards
    New York
    December 16, 2014
    May 15, 2014
    Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film.
  • Madrid International film festival
    July 15, 2014
    Best Movie Honoring Spanish Language
  • ART&TUR International Film FEstival
    August 18, 2014
  • Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Vídeo Documental Independiente - Voces contra el
    April 13, 2014
  • Carmarthen Bay Film Festival
    United kingdom
    May 7, 2014
  • Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival
    April 30, 2014
  • Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo
    September 16, 2014
  • Mexico International Film Festival
    Mexico city
    May 5, 2014
  • New Filmmakers NY
    New York
    September 17, 2014
  • Mpumalanga Film Festival
    Mpumalanga, south Africa
    August 8, 2014
  • Bolgatty International Film Festival
    September 30, 2014
  • International TV Festival Bar
    October 1, 2014
  • International Movie Awards
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    September 26, 2014
    Gold award
  • International Film Festival For Peace Inspiration & Equality
    September 25, 2014
    Excellence award
  • 2º STUFF - Student Film Festival
    September 28, 2014
  • 7º Vegas Cinefest
    Las Vegas
    May 21, 2014
  • Jaipur International Film Festival
    December 12, 2014
  • Cinetrofa
    October 25, 2014
    Best Documentary for Culture and Heritage
  • 47 Tourfilm Karlovy Vary
    October 9, 2014
  • Dheli International film festival
    December 5, 2014
  • Filmmakers of the year
    November 26, 2014
    Platinum Award: Best Film Concept, Gold Award: Director, Gold Award: Documentary Feature
  • Documentary & Short International Movie Award
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    November 26, 2014
    Platinum Award: Newcommer, Gold Award: Director, Gold Award: European Documentary
  • International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    November 26, 2014
    Award of Merit: Documentary Feature
  • International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    November 26, 2014
    Award of Merit: International Documentary Feature
  • International Film and Photography Festival
    Indonesia, Jakarta
    November 26, 2014
    Platinum Award: Short Documentary
  • IMA International film festival
    Dheli, INDIA
    January 14, 2015
  • International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema
    London, United Kingdom
    February 25, 2015
  • 17 Docant
    Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
    January 14, 2015
  • Euro Film Festival
    Malaga, Spain
    January 23, 2015
Director Biography - Brais Revaldería

Born 30 years ago in Lugo (Spain), some cities have seen this young filmmaker grow, A Coruña, Santiago, Madrid and New York where he lives now and finished his studies in filmmaking at NYFA, with a background based on Graphic design, 3d Animation and postproduction, (Schools of arts Trazos) and after studying Audiovisual Communication at European of Madrid University, begins working on the national Tv channels, in shows from Telecinco and Cuatro mostly (“Esto es increible”, “Visto y no visto”, “Esta pasando” “Las mañanas de Cuatro”, “Vaya Tropa”…), in the camera department and in some ocassions helping as graphic designer, in 2008 he and 4 friends created Piruletaymedia, the company where they had been working the last 5 years, doing some documentaries in collaboration with Cuatro and Plural Entertaiment like "Emilio Rodríguez Menéndez: El fugitivo", "Marta del Castillo" and "Mariluz: retrato de una obsesión" or the last production called “Descubridores por la Ruta de Balboa”.

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Director Statement

I´ve always loved documentaries, but the joy of shooting a story is even bigger if you get to know the place you love the most on earth, deeper than what you ever expected, doing a movie about it.
That´s what this is about, how a man from Lugo, connects with his roots and the past of the city where he was born.