Apulian Web Fest is a kermesse dedicated to digital cinema and the Mediterranean Land! Web 2.0 has brought the much desired meritocracy in the audiovisual sector.
On TV and in the cinema we already have new players born right on the net.

This festival will give us, besides awarding the best audiovisual product the opportunity to learn about the thought and talent of young artists grown up in ​​the world.
Our event will be focused on the uniqueness of the Mediterranean zone, which since the dawn of humanity has been a bit of the cradle of civilization and then immediately a crossroads of intense trade and cultural meetings.

For this we would like to return to talk about the Mediterranean of Peace.

-Best Italian Web Series
-Best International Web Series
-Best Drama webseries
-Best Comedy webseries
-Best Thriller/Horror webseries
-Best Documentary webseries
-Green Award
-Best Scifi/Fantasy webseries
Special Prize for best web understanding
-Best Short
-Best Feature
-School movie
-Best Actor
-Best Actress
-Best Directing
-Best Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Documentary
-Best Trailer
-Best Visual Effects
-Best Animation
-Best Editing
-Best Music
-Best Sound Design
-Best Make-up
-Best Costume Design
-Best Pilot
-Best Production
-Special prize for Peace
-Young Audience Award
-Best Cast
-Best scenography
-Best young actor/actress
-Women empowerment award
-Lgbtq rights award
-Best Poster
-Best Original Concept
-Best Performing Artist
-Official Selection from Festival Partners

--- Application and entry requirements ---

1- Registrations for Apulia Web Fest will open on September 2021 and will close on june 2022.
2- Registration is accepted exclusively online from the following website: www.filmfreeway.com.

3- The competition is open to feature films, short films, documentaries, school movies, pilots, 360° video and webseries produced since 2011 until the present day. Works carried out before this date will not be considered.

4- Works from all over the world are admitted. Works in foreign languages are admitted, but subtitles have to be in English or Italian. The dialogue list is also required in order to facilitate the understanding of the work.

5- At the time of registration, authors must be at least 18 years of age and must provide all the rights to economic and visual use of their own work including the rights to images, logos, names, and music contained within. If those rights are held by a third party, the participant guarantees to be explicitly authorized to use the work submitted. They also have to declare that the work is original and that does not infringe or violate the rights of any third part. The participant releases Apulia Web Fest and its organizers from any type of responsability arising from damage caused to third parties or legal claims of any type, connected directly or indirectly to the contents of any right related to the work.

6- Every author can subscribe more than one work, provided that the respective registration fee is paid.

7- At the time of registration, webseries must have at least 2 episodes published on any online streaming platform (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion). Authors of short and feature films must provide a digital copy of their work to the Festival or upload it on YouTube or another similar platform, in order to allow the viewing and the evaluation by the jury.

8- By entering the contest, the entrants grant the right to use their work and material for the purpose of press, media or promotion.

9- By submitting the contest, the applicant shall enjoy royalty-free access rights to events, to agreements with hotels, bars and restaurants and to the final award night.

---- Eligibility ---

10- The selected works are initially evaluated by a technical Commission in order to certify that they meet the contest requirements and are eligible for the official selection. Afterwards, the selected works will be evaluated by an external jury who will decide the winners. The awarding of the Prizes will take place during the closing evening of the Festival, on August 2022.

--- Exclusions ---

11- Apulia Web Fest reserves the right to decline submissions for any of the following reasons:

-where failing to meet Contest requirements;

-where works violate the existing laws, incite racial and cultural hatred or violate human rights;

12- The contestant also authorizes Apulia Web Fest to use the logo of the work, the photographic material, visual and promotional, as well as the rights for the use of their name, image, and voice, for all purposes related to the competition. The information contained in the application form will be made public in designated areas of the festival. The contestant also authorizes the organizers of Apulia Web Fest to use pieces of their work for promotional and informational purposes (unless otherwise specified). By completing the application form participants attest to the truth of their statements.

13- All registration fees are non-refundable and the event can be canceled without notice or celebrated online. The Comitee's and Jury's decision is final and unappelable.
The works will be judged on the basis of technical quality and technical-creative merit of their creators.

14- The complete form must be filled in, and provide the links to all the episodes (they can be private, but should be hanged online). Details about the works can be modified by the festival if deemed necessary. The fees, one for each series and/or trailer shall be paid. The inscription fee is considered a donative to help the creation of the festival.

15- The organization will communicate with the participants via email and/or social media. The organization is not responsible if it was not introduced correctly in the form. If the prize winner has not attended the gala and does not claim the award past 30 days, it will not be effective.

16- By filling in this form, you agree on the use of the works for display, and the use of parts thereof, images and written outreach materials, in order to promote the festival and the creators.

17- The competition categories are:

E-VIDEO 360°

18- This festival is not exclusive to any other award show or ceremony.

Overall Rating
  • Barbara Patarini Valenza

    A Festival where those who participate inevitably leave a part of their heart for the experience they live.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Grazie mille Barbara per le tue belle parole e per aver portato una ventata di glamour alla nostra kermesse.

  • We are very happy to have been in the official selection in your festival with our film Mambo Man, we greatly appreciate the decision of the jury. Thank you very much, continue the successes of the festival.

    Edesio Alejandro co-⁠⁠⁠director of Mambo Man
    Academy Member of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences USA & Spain
    Latin Grammy & Grammy Academy Member
    2020 National Music Award of Cuba
    Doctor Honoris Causa.
    cell cuba 5352633210

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your words!

  • Paolo Milocco

    Fra i tanti Cinefestival a cui ho partecipato, sicuramente è uno fra i meglio organizzati: tutti gentilissimi, anche la location stazione 47 è un posto accogliente e particolare dove si trasuda cultura e passione per l’arte da ogni dove, giuria di grande qualità che ringrazio per avermi premiato con la mia opera prima “Il Cuore Non Ha Confini - The Heart As No Boundaries”, puntuali, precisi e professionali.
    Sicuramente consiglio a tutti questo Cinefestival che dà molto spazio alla vera, innovativa, profonda e culturale arte cinematografica indipendente.
    Ringrazio ancora per il premio datomi per la mia Opera Prima tutta la giuria del Cinefestival e ringrazio anche di vero cuore il direttore artistico Michele Pinto, sua moglie Daniela Iosca, suo fratello Francesco Pinto e Raffaele Tedeschi frontman e tutto il suo meraviglioso e gentilissimo staff.
    PAOLO MILOCCO Attore - Regista - Cantante Autore e interprete della canzone colonna sonora del film.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Grazie mille Paolo per la tua accurata recensione.
    Siamo anche noi filmmakers ed il nostro festival è nato proprio per dare visibilità a tutti gli autori indipendenti e favorirne il reciproco scambio e il networking.

  • An exciting, young festival with fantastic support from the festival management. What is very noteworthy is that they are really strongly engaged with the projects and focus also on innovative formats. Unfortunately I couldn't be there in persona, but I followed the award ceremony online afterwards. Grazie mille to Michele and his team!

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much Jette and congratulations!

  • Andrea Natale

    Un bel festival fatto da chi ama il cinema

    September 2021