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Alo (Stories)

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    1 hour 20 minutes 58 seconds
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Director Biography

Kayode Kasum is a Director and Producer who believes in the power of authenticity. His style and cinematography is often linked to the emotions of the characters and the core elements of each film.

His films have been screened and have won awards in various festivals around the world. He shoots most of his films in English , Pidgin English and the African dialect because he also believes in the passing on of our cultural practices from one generation to the next, in Africa and the Diaspora.

Kayode has shot as director for 10,860+ minutes on MNET’S telenovela series “UNBROKEN” and “RIONA”. .

His filmography as a director includes Sugar Rush, This Lady Called Life, Far From Home, Kambili - The Whole 30 yards, Castle and Castle S2, Soole, MTV Shuga S5 and Nollywood Musical ObaraM.

Kasum understands the importance of going wherever the idea and vision take you. In 2021, he produced and directed Nigeria’s first travel film which Kasum has termed ‘one of the hardest films he has ever had to make.

He filmed Soole in a bus traveling from the western part of Nigeria (Lagos) to the Eastern part of Nigeria (Enugu) and back. Despite the security concerns, coupled with structural defects of the country like bad roads, he still made the film work. And despite all the obstacles faced, Soole still went ahead to become one of the box office hits of 2021.

In 2021, four of his films made it to the top 10 most streamed Nigerian films on Netflix, the majority of which was made through his production company, FilmTribe Media.

Apart from film, he has been involved in other projects. They include a two-part documentary series for the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) which was aired across Nigeria. He has also created and directed music videos, TV series and has shot campaigns for brands like Forbes, Tecno, Ndani TV, DHL, Manchester United, Best Ever Food Review Show, Belvedere, ARM Pensions, ART X Lagos, Union Bank Nigeria, African Cable Television (ACTV), Clover Industries Tanzania and Lagos state Ministry of Tourism.

Kayode Kasum continues to push for telling authentic stories and capturing different levels of intensity in day-to-day life.

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