Set in the small town in Ohio in the year 2049. We follow Jillian Doberton a 17-year-old girl and her friends who unknowingly download an evil virus that takes over her bootleg copy of "Clifford's Revenge" which is a futuristically advanced Augmented Reality visor video game that ultimately makes it feel as if your actually in the game. The game Itself is about a boy who dies after being chained and locked in his room after witnessing his father murder his mother then mutilate and hide her body parts threw out their house. The mentally disturbed father then takes his own life by shooting himself leaving the boy to die of starvation. The game becomes all too real when people start to die at the hands of the ghost of Clifford and his father for real. After realizing that she and her friends are stuck inside the game the only way players can get out is to finish the game by finding all the hidden body parts of Clifford's mother and giving them a proper burial in the backyard. Horror and Science Fiction combine to create a chilling tale full of panic-inducing terror​ as our story unfolds. ​

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My name is Rod Seitz. I grew up and still live in a small town in Ohio where I enjoy writing Horror, Science Fiction and Action screenplays in my spare time.

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Everyone's afraid of something ... What are you afraid of?