Leigh looks at the essential nature of art and reclaiming the creative spirit. @ (6:01) “Maybe our job now is not to critique or to think in a linear sense where is art going. Maybe art has come home, meaning the creative spirit’s come home (revealing) that part of us that says even if no one else cares, I do.” In that intimacy, in that willingness, possibly that’s the seed of a new responsibility.”.. not to oneself alone, but truly to the creative/art spirit both within and without.

  • Robert Patrik Patrik Winston
  • Leigh J McCloskey
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Robert Patrik Winston
  • Leigh J McCloskey
    Key Cast
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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  • Runtime:
    10 minutes 44 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    April 28, 2023
  • Production Budget:
    250 USD
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    United States
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    United States
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  • Robert Patrik Winston
    Los Angeles
    United States
    July 25, 2023
    One-Reeler Short Film Festival
    Special Mention
  • Los Angeles
    United States
    August 1, 2023
    Special Mention
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  • Robert Patrik Winston
    Country: United States
Director Biography - Robert Patrik Patrik Winston

Robert Patrik Winston is the Founder and CEO of New Atlantis Studios, a state of the art sustainable digital motion picture studio in development. He is also a Producer, Director, Editor and Cinematographer for several documentary films approaching topics on Human Rights and Esoteric Philosophy including approximately one hundred short films ranging on similar topics.
Robert is also currently a Producer for VIKING.TV producing 180 consecutive episodes for VIKING’S Health and Wellness Chanel, of the #1 cruise line in the world, Viking Cruises. Robert is also currently Producing SAIGON The Movie, a feature narrative film in collaboration with the Vietnamese Government about the true story of 10X NY Times best selling author, Ralph Pezzullo.

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Director Statement

After seventeen years of immersive retrospective with Leigh McCloskey and his family, Carla, Caytlyn and Brighton at OLANDAR, (Olandar Foundation For Emerging Renaissance) I can only extend my undivided gratitude for Leigh’s vision of helping birth the Aquarian age forward in a world that challenges us all to grow and blossom to our highest potential.

Leigh has challenged me to awaken to that beauty and divinity that exists within each and every human being on planet earth. My first experience in 2006 when I was introduced to Leigh was that of elation and joy for the opportunity to discuss, celebrate and riff on an effervescent language that Leigh has created, called the “Watcher Language.” The Watcher Language has been patented and has become an official language in the consciousness of humanity, pioneering a new way of thinking that is part of the new “Emerging Renaissance,” or the “Second Renaissance” to bless the human race as we all strive to “thrive” together on planet earth. The Watcher Language is one of benevolence, joy, excitement and beauty, which is nothing new to us mere mortals, just one that has not been celebrated as much as its potentiality could have. Leigh’s language, philosophy, art, verse and being is one that is desired in the hearts of the masses, yet most are still living in timidity of the expressionism that we have not truly and fully become “realized” or blossomed yet to our potential to truly “thrive” as most of us are still in the stasis of “surviving.”

In my unfoldment, (and I am still unfolding, and will for life times to come) Leigh has been a Teacher, Mentor, Friend, Brother, Parent and Challenger asking me the ultimate question; “Are you saying Yes to Yourself?” On so many occasions in my life I have condemned myself to be the lowest common denominator, to silence my heart and mind, to suppress the joyous heart that is bursting to express itself with ecstasy and jubilation, only to allow the subconscious rhetoric of society to tell me that I am not beautiful, I am not a divine being, I am not a spontaneous cellular explosion of love and beauty, that I am only the mere existence of survivalism, kept in a cauldron of fear of the unknown, the unexplored the un-joyous world of nothingness.

Seventeen years later, and approximately one hundred short films (that we have created together) and many moons of philosophy group meetings that Leigh has hosted for over forty years in his private home, I have come to a state of awareness and realization that:

Leigh’s heart and soul, his passion for life and beauty, for the majesty of the expressionism of “Universal Consciousness” downloaded in the physical form of fine art painting (that deserves every right to be displayed in the finest and most respected galleries and museums on planet earth), as well as as his writings in visionary verse of the esoteric traditions reexamining and re-envisioning the sacred texts that many maestros before us gave us which have paved the way for our next maestro, Leigh McCloskey, who has literally birthed the next “archetypal intelligence” of the mysteries of the Tarot in “Tarot ReVisioned,” one of half a dozen books including telling the story of the birth of modern man in a re-examination of Adam & Eve, in “Adam Reborn & Eve Restored a Romance in Two Parts,” which perhaps is the greatest story never told about the rift between Man and Woman, as well as Leigh’s visual masterpieces, “The Codex,” “In the Splendor” and the “Grimoire” (which have already been celebrated in Music and Film), which omit the languages of “Babel,” giving us a cleaner, clearer understanding of where and whence we came from, even delving deeper into the coding of the genetics of humanity, with artistic renderings of our DNA, in his visual masterpiece “In the Splendor…”

…all of these works which do not even mention his other career as an Actor of over fifty years in Television and Film, which gave Leigh the foundation to stand upon to create this majestic body of work, have all contributed in helping me understand the breadth and depth of Leigh as one of the most prolific contributors of Art, Culture and Philosophy in our current Zeitgeist. I can confidently say that that I see Leigh McCloskey as the continuation of our great artists of our first Renaissance such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, celebrating their achievements in the exploration of the majesty of the self, where Leigh recognized the ultimate purpose and desire to continue this human exploration. His body of work, to me, is this continuation to understand and explore the mysteries of the Universe, and Humanity, itself.

All these years later, on a path and journey that I can only describe as to “coming to oneself,” my gratitude for Leigh’s “reflecting” or “mirroring” my soul essence is one that I now realize is our only purpose on planet earth. To mirror and to reflect one-another, wether it be spouse, family, colleague, partner, friend, even enemy, as we reflect, and mirror each other, we will begin to see in each other the similarities of all of our desires, which is to love and be loved, to be heard, to be celebrated, to be understood, to be cared for and to care for others, to recognize the sovereignty, the beauty, the majesty of every human being on planet earth, and to celebrate each other in a new age of becoming and being, a new “Modern Renaissance,” as Leigh has birthed into this world with his beautiful family at Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance, in his home where the greatest painting ever created on planet earth exists, an immersive womb-like painting called “The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul,” or “THOTHS CHAMBER.” This painting of over twenty years in creation can only be fully understood in its entirety, through the personal experience of a visitation. For me it is an experience of remembering where we came from, from the womb of sacredness, from the womb of love, from the womb of wisdom, or “Sophia,” or “Philo-Sophia”, or “Philosophy” or the “Love of Wisdom.”

This short and humbled attempt to express and explain Leigh and his majestic vision and life of work is but a tiny fraction of what Leigh has truly created, and my hope and faith is that it will entice and excite those who come across it, to explore Leigh McCloskey, (the man and the visionary) with the depth and excitement that I am humbled to currently walk on, with the hopes that his reflections will help recognize and mirror the beauty and majesty that truly exists in each and every human being, including each and everyone of you. Leighs breadth and depth of his artistic strokes of genius cover a millennia of time or “timelessness,” which makes it truly challenging to express the might and vision of Leigh as Man, Visionary, Artist, Writer, Actor, Philosopher, Polymath, or “Modern Renaissance Man.”

Most recently, one of our projects, a short film called “Art and the Creative Spirit” won “Special Mention” at a Los Angles Short Film Competition, which for me is an honor beyond my expression, that after these seventeen years of exploratory of the self, with Leigh, gave the world the opportunity to see a small glimpse into the vision and work of Leigh McCloskey, and what he calls “Artistic Intelligence.” My hope is that “Art and the Creative Spirit” will excite and inspire you further into your own world of self exploration and creative inspiration to celebrate the extraordinary essence that is “you.”

We invite you to watch the short film “Art and the Creative Spirit” for your consideration.