ART200 is the queer (umbrella term for the LGBT community: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) film festival in Bucharest. The festival’s main purpose is to encourage Romanian queer filmmaking, expression and collaboration between local queer artists, to encourage just and complex representations of LGBTQ+ characters in movies, to promote equality and solidarity through art and culture. The project has the following components: literature & film workshops, a Pitch project contest, along with the festival per-se, which will include screenings, a poetry reading and discussions.

We are organizing ART200 because we realize how important it is to encourage queer film-making in Romania. LGBTQ+-themed film production is almost inexistent in Romania: only up to six or seven shorts are produced every year. Regarding feature films, only five-six LGBTQ+ films have been produced in the last 30 years. We believe that the existence of the festival itself will encourage more filmmakers to produce queer film because of the fact that there is a space dedicated to them, where they can create collaborations, exchange ideas and discuss their works.

At the same time, ART200 aims to show the general public complex and just representations of LGBTQ+ people, in the context in which this group constantly faces discrimination, violence and stereotypes.


The third edition of the international queer film festival ART200 is looking for filmmakers. If you have an LGBTQ+ themed film and are part of the community, we are waiting for your proposals until the July 24th!

You can submit both short and feature films in the following categories:

International short films with the following themes: Queer Utopias, HIV, Bisexuality, Eastern European Queer Shorts. International feature films: any LGBTQ+ - themed films. Romanian films: any themes, please submit via this form:

The selected films will be screened during the ART200 festival, which will take place between the 19th and 25th of September in Bucharest and online, depending on the evolution of the pandemic. Before registering, we kindly ask you to carefully look over the rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in disqualification of the film. Any films that do not respect this year's themes will also be disqualified.

ART200 does not have a competition and does not offer awards/ prizes.

1. Organizers:
ART200, the international queer film festival is organized by Asociația Culturală Gabriela Ionescu & Slavomir Popovici in Bucharest, Romania. The directors of the festival are Cristina Iacob and Luca Istodor. For any questions regarding the festival, you can contact them here:

2. The goal of the festival
ART200 is a queer film festival (umbrella term for the LGBT community: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) based in Bucharest, which is now at its second edition. The festival aims to promote queer film in Romania, artistic expression and the collaboration between queer artists from the local scene, to encourage the just and complex representations of LGBTQ+ characters in cinema and to promote values as equality and solidarity through art and culture.

3. Project components:
The project has the following components: film and literature workshops, a Pitch project contest, as well as the festival, which will feature film screenings, a poetry reading and discussions.

4. Important dates
The festival will take place between the 19th and 25th of September, in Bucharest and online. The call for entries will be open until July 24th.

5. Submitting films to the festival
5.1. The submitted films must have an LGBTQ+ theme. Additionally, every year the festival has sub-themes for the feature films, which need to be taken into consideration when submitting. The film creators must as well be part of the LGBTQ+ community.
5.2. We accept both short-films and feature length films. Short films must not be longer than 40 minutes.
5.3. The submission of international films will be through the FilmFreeway online platform, and the submission of Romanian films will be made through a Google form posted on the ART200 site. There is no entry fee.
5.4. Regarding the Romanian films, we accept any themes. Regarding the international short films, we accept films that tackle the following themes: Queer Utopias, HIV, Bisexuality, Eastern European Queer Shorts. For international feature films, we accept any themes.
5.5. The deadline for submitting the films is July 24th 2022. We do not accept films submitted after this date, except in the case that we extend the deadline with 10 more days, which will be announced beforehand. The selected films will be announced around August 20th.
5.6. All films, including those in Romanian, have to be subtitled in English (either hard-coded or externally through a .srt file). We also accept a list of the dialogue translated in English.
5.7. The festival doesn’t include a competition. We will not reward the screened films.
5.8. Once registered, the film cannot be withdrawn from the festival. Once the films have been selected, the directors must be ready to provide additional information and the film in the following screening formats: MP4 or MPEG, depending on the requirements established by the technical department coordinator.
5.9. The directors of the selected films will be able to take part in the festival. ART200 will cover part of the traveling costs/accommodations in Bucharest for Romanian and Moldovan directors, if the participants are not based in the city. The percentage covered will be established after the final list of directors has been established. For directors outside of Moldova in Romania, the festival will not be able to cover travel or accommodation costs due to budget limitations.
5.10. ART200 can use snippets from the films (maximum 2 minutes and maximum 30% of the submitted movie) for promotion purposes. The information sent is for the catalog and for our site/blog.
5.11. The films can be screened up to 5 times during future screenings and ART200 retrospectives.
5.12. We don’t accept films that incite to hatred or discriminate against certain people or social groups.
5.13. When submitting your film, you are giving us permission to screen the film both online and in person. The festival will most likely take place in a hybrid format- in person screenings plus online screenings. Online screenings will take place on a secure online platform and can be geoblocked to Romania upon your request. Online films will only be available during the festival period, with registration required. Please carefully take this into account when submitting your film. If, once selected, you would like your film to be geoblocked to Romania or if you have any other questions/ requests related to online screenings, please contact us at

Overall Rating
  • Camera Roll

    Great festival, very excited to be a parto of it!!!

    October 2022
  • Menelas Siafakas

    Very happy to be part of this important festival for its country.

    October 2022
  • Wonderful festival, thrilled to be a part of it, and to share the bill with such a terrific group of queer ilm makers.

    November 2021
  • Ann Antidote

    It was both a pleasure and a honor to participate with films and in a Q&A in such a carefully organized festival. The ART200 festival makes a great and unique piece of work in maintaining uncompromising political relevance and artistic content. My work is very much fromthe DIY/guerrilla part of art and politics, and it is amazing and empowering to be taken seriously in a world that is getting more and more commercialized and professionalized. The communication was perfect and the orga-team just amazing human beings!

    June 2021
  • Robert Menefee

    Robert Menefee

    Thank you for selecting my documentary, “Reclaiming Pride.” It was a great honor to be included in ART200 International Queer Film Festival with so many other very fine films.

    January 2021