A psychological film against man's violence against women: a new way of looking at this terrible social phenomenon, ever more diffused and transversal in modern society, in which the protagonist is a man.
Woman becomes the "distorted mirror" of a fragile, contradictory, violent man ...
A very rigorous direction by Alberto Nacci, with a photographic research, a soundtrack and the extraordinary interpretation of Walter Tiraboschi.
With the precious participation of Candelaria Romero.

  • Alberto Nacci
  • Alberto Nacci
  • Alberto Nacci
  • Walter Tiraboschi
    Key Cast
  • Candelaria Romero
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    11 minutes 26 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    September 30, 2018
  • Production Budget:
    20,000 EUR
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    4K mov
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Alberto Nacci

Born in 1957 at Trapani (Italy), lives and works in Bergamo since 1982. Former professor of Sound Design at Academies of Fine Arts in Bergamo and Brescia, after a long career musician with numerous musical productions and a rich concert activity, he dedicated himself to the production of art and culture documentaries, industrial films and video art works received numerous international awards. His works are appreciated in Italy and abroad and selected some of the most important festivals of film and video art in Europe, USA, Asia. He participated, representing Italy, to EURONIGHT08, an international video art proposed by the Italian Institute of Culture in Toronto.

- Digifestival (Winner – best music video) 2005
- Chicago Short Film Festival (Winner - art direction) 2006
- Festival du Cinema de Paris (Mention Spéciale du Jury) 2008
- Festival du Cinema de Bruxelles (Mention Spéciale du Jury)2008
- Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Film Festival (Winner - best editing) 2008
- Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona (Winner – best photography) 2009
- Alaska International Film Award (Winner - best musical video) 2010
- International Filmaker Festival (Kent, UK – Winner best short) 2010
- 53^ Mostra Biennale di Venezia “Parallel Worlds” 2010
- Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Film Festival (Winner - best editing) 2010
- Punta del Este International Film Festival (Uruguay - Special Mention of Jury) 2011
- Mar de La Plata International Film Festival (The Best 6 Short Film in the World) 2011
- International Filmaker Festival of the World (Winner - best editing) 2012
- International Film Festival Against Drug Abuse & Trafficking (Jakarta, (Winner) 2012
- Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (Winner, Award of Exellence)2015
- IndieFEST Film Award (Los Angeles, USA, Best music video, Winner) 2015
- Bellingham Music Video Festival (USA, Best music video, Winner) 2016
- Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016 (Australia, Best music video, Winner) 2016
- Alaska International Film Awards (USA, Best music video, Winner) 2016
- The Accolade International Film Competition (Los Angeles USA, Best music video Winner) 2017
- European Cinematography Awards (Best music video, Winner) 2017
- Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (Winner, Award of Exellence)2017
- American Filmatic Arts Awards 2017 (Best Experimental Video Art)
- Top Indie Film Awards (Best Music Video) 2017
- Cult Critic Movie Awards - India (Best Music Video) 2017
- Accolade Global Film Competition 2018
- Southern Shorts Award (Awards of Merit) 2018
- Barcelona International Film Festival (The Gold Lion Award 2018)
- Premios Latino, Festival de Música y Cine Latino (Spain - best photography) 2018
- Premios Latino, Festival de Música y Cine Latino (Spain - best direction) 2018
- Premios Latino, Festival de Música y Cine Latino (Spain - best music video) 2018
- Europa Film Festival (best music video, Spain 2018)
- Mediterranean Film Festival (Siracusa / Italy - best soundtrack) 2018
- Visioni Corte 2018 International Short Film Festival (Gaeta / Italy - best music movie) 2018
- The Oregon Film Awards (USA - best music movie) 2018
- Prisma Rome International Film Awards (Italy, best music video) 2018
- Moscow Shorts - International Short Film Festival Awards (Russia, best music video) 2018
- South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Cile - best Play Theatre) 2019
- South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Cile - Walter Tiraboschi best lead actor in a short film) 2019
- South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Cile - best light in a short film) 2019
- South Film and Arts Academy Festival (Cile - Screenplay Honorable Mention in a short film) 2019
- London Independent Film Awards (UK - best music video) 2019
Crown Wood International Film Festival (India - best film on women) 2019
- Beyond Earth Film Festival (Calcutta / India - best cinematic music video) 2019
- Latitude Film Awards (London / UK - best music video) 2019
- Global Shorts (Los Angeles - USA - best music video)

Since 1996 is the holder of ajpstudios (sound & vision), specializing in the production of industrial films, arts and culture documentaries, videoart works.

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Sax Mobile feat. Pierre Favre Conserto (cd - Modern Times - 1996)
Giorgio Gaslini - Ensemble Mobile Jelly’s Back in Town (cd - Dischi della Quercia - 1996)
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A.A.V.V. Sicilian Jazz Collection (vol.3) (cd - Splasc(h)Records - 1994)
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A.A.V.V. III Rassegna Jazz Franciacorta (LP - Jf Records - 1990)


WiP work-in-progress (2010 - libro fotografico + dvd, CDC Cooperatriva di Costruzioni)
Il Nuovo Deposito ATM San Donato (2011 - libro fotografico, ATM - Comune di Milano)