A Day Of Hope

Hope is a warm-hearted professional who takes care of her abusive mother. She has been keeping a dark secret of her marriage but today she had enough. Will she find a way out?

  • Yulia Arispe
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    Student, Short Script
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    United States
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  • Student Project:
    Yes - New York Film Academy
Writer Biography - Yulia Arispe

Yulia was born in Moscow, Russia, later moved with her parents to Caracas, Venezuela.
Yulia has been living in Miami Fl. since 2008.
Yulia has a background in Marketing, Design, and photography. Storytelling always has been her passion. She wrote poems and novels in Russian and Spanish at an early age and now feels comfortable writing in English.
Yulia recently graduated with MFA from New York Film Academy - South Beach campus.

Yulia is an advocate for happiness and happy choices in life.

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Writer Statement

This story is based on true events. Domestic abuse contributes to over a third of women’s suicides. It is not outlined by race, color, gender, age, education, or social status. It leads to the destruction of self-worth, faith, and hope.
1 in 4 women experiences domestic abuse.
Domestic abuse comes in a range and variety of types and is an issue that is not spoken often. It is common to assume domestic violence is an issue of a certain race or social status, the reality is that domestic abuse doesn't care about the color of the skin or of the level of education.
Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness and many victims don't know how to get out of those relationships. It is a black hole that pulls its victims in and makes them believe this is the only way of life.
With this script, I wanted to create awareness and to give hope to victims, give them strength to get out and ask for help.