Antiphysis III

The pictorial journey of "Antiphysis III" contrasts chaos with calm. Viewers are not only invited to observe, but to feel, react, and think deeply about our very existence. What are we doing and why? Nature today is considered by many as an enemy to be ravaged. "Antiphysis III" exposes this destruction by revealing greedy actions that endanger the future of all living things. For now, alone in a vast universe, our tiny Earth is the only home we have.

  • Steve Vasiliou
  • Country of Origin:
  • Student Project:
  • Near Nazareth Festival ( NNF)
    Afula, Israel
    Official Selection Photography Contest
  • Fresh Meet International Film Festival
    Quito, Ecuador
    Official Selection Everyone's Photographs
  • FROSTBITE International Film Festival
    Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
    Best Photographer FROSTBITE Photography Contest
  • The Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFF)
    Siracusa, Sicily, Italy
    Official Selection PhotoArt Challenge
  • Upstate NY Horror Film Festival
    Rochester, New York, USA
    Official Selection
  • docLAHOMA
    Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    Official Selection
  • Angeles Documentaries
    Los Angeles, California, USA
    Best Documentary Photography Award Winner
  • DFK New Wave
    Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    Photo Story Series Official Selection
  • Festival Gollut
    Ribes de Freser, Gerona
    Photojournalism Official Selection
  • New York International Films Infest Festival (US) (NYIFIF)
    New York City, NY USA
    Best Photography Official Selection
  • Model N Movie International Short Film Festival
    Howrah, West Bengal, India
    Photography Contest Award Winner
  • AURORA International Film Festival
    Moscow, Russia/Berlin, Germany
    March 21, 2019
    Best PHOTOGRAPHY Official Selection
  • Golden Wheat Awards
    Best Photography Award Winner
Artist Biography

Steve Vasiliou views life as a journey full of movement, learning and experiences. A thirst for knowledge continues beyond a BA honor's degree in International Relations and an MPhil in Peace Studies from Trinity College, Dublin. Writing and photography skills help fuel a freelance career in journalism. As a language teacher, he values the art of expression and communication. Past work for Ferrero/Kinder chocolates took him to many shops throughout Europe where people watching became a hobby. Steve wants to share stories with the world. Filmmaking, writing, art and photography are tools with which this journey continues.

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