Haus Pandora

Between sky and sea lies the home of the Gods. Haus Pandora
is a country inn below the snowy peaks of Mount Olympus.
The Gods are amused by the cast of characters whose
tragic comedy unfolds before our eyes.

  • Steve Vasiliou
    freelance journalist, I Know, Antiphysis, Zoorini, R I P Recycling Interred People
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script, Television Script
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Austin Comedy Short Film Festival
    Austin, Texas USA
    Official Selection Short Comedy Screenplay
  • Script and Storyboard Showcase
    Los Angeles, California USA
    Official Selection Best Short Script
  • Top Indie Film Awards
    Online Competition
    Official Selection Short Script (0-30 pages)
  • The Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFF)
    Siracusa, Sicily, Italy
    Official Selection Screenplay Competition
  • RedCornerFestival
    Cochecton, NY USA
    Official Selection
  • Palermo International Short Film Festival
    Palermo, Italy
    2017 Finalist
  • Genre Celebration Festival
    Shanghai, China
    Official Selection
  • Oaxaca FilmFest
    Oaxaca, Mexico
    Perfect Page section Official Selection
  • The Macoproject Film Festival
    New Jersey, USA
    Official Selection
  • Birmingham Film Festival
    Birmingham, England
    Nominated for Best Screenplay Award
  • Rome International Cinefest
    Rome, Italy
    Official Selection
  • Atlanta Comedy Film Festival
    Marietta, Georgia USA
    Official Selection
  • California Underground Film Festival
    Westlake Village, California, USA
    Official Selection
  • Rome Elephant Film Awards
    Rome, Italy
    Official Selection
  • Portland Comedy Film Festival
    Portland, Oregon, USA
    Official Selection
  • Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago
    Santiago, Chile
    Official Selection
  • Utah Film Festival and Awards
    Orem, Utah USA
    Official Selection
  • Rome Independent Prisma Awards
    Rome, Italy
  • Portugal International Film Festival
    Porto, Portugal
    Official Selection
    Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico
    Award Winner: 2018 Best Screenplay
  • Southeastern International Film Festival
    Nashville, Tennessee USA
    Porto, Portugal
    September 15, 2018
    Best Short Screenplay Winner
  • Underground Indie Film Festival
    Apopka, Florida USA
    Official Selection
  • Vertigo Film Fest
    Milan, Italy
    Official Selection
Writer Biography - Steve Vasiliou

Steve Vasiliou views life as a journey full of movement, learning and experiences. A thirst for knowledge continues beyond a BA honor's degree in International Relations and an MPhil in Peace Studies from Trinity College, Dublin. Writing and photography skills help fuel a freelance career in journalism. As a language teacher, he values the art of expression and communication. Past work for Ferrero/Kinder chocolates took him to many shops throughout Europe where people watching became a hobby. Steve wants to share stories with the world. Filmmaking, writing, art and photography are tools with which this journey continues.

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