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Magnifico is one of Slovenia’s internationally most renowned and characteristic musician including the collective Laibach and Slavko Avsenik. Charlatan Magnifique is funny mix of great music, spontaneous and comic situations, and also comments of Magnifico and main characters in his life and career. It is a portrait of Slovenian musician with Serbian roots and worldwide fame. But most of all a portrait od a unique person ...

Robert Pešut, working and creating under the pseudonym Magnifico, is an accomplished artist, known for his musicianship and hits, building on well thought but simple lyrics full of self irony and humour. His music enchants the public and most importantly helps overcoming taboos and prejudices.

»I’m a charlatan. I don't have a degree, I can't read music, but I compose movie scores. I figured that playing music is the highest level of charlatanism and para-science. It's made for people
like me.« says Robert Pešut about Magnifico’s success and musicianship, unparallel not only at home.

The movie draws out Magnifico’s rich, colourful and successful career, which started in the late 80’s. During his solo career he recorded many hits such as 24000 baci, Kdo je čefur, Halo, gospodična, Silvija and many more, the song Hir Aj Kam Hir Aj Go brought him international success and a music deal with the multinational record label Sony, his soundtrack for the movie Montevideo, Bog te video gained hymnal praise in Serbia.

Magnifico’s friends Rambo Amadeus, renowned musician and philosopher, and Dragan Bjelogrlić, actor and director of the most successful Serbian film in the last 20 years (Montevideo, Bog te video), give special insight into his popularity in the Balkans.

Rambo Amadeus hits the nail on the head by saying: »Laziness is typical of the Balkan temperament. The Balkan temper can be defined as pathological laziness multiplied by pathological ambition. There's a huge discrepancy between effort and expected results.«

Screenwriter, director and editor of the documentary portrait is Maja Pavlin, who said about the documentary: »It’s a portrait of a Slovenian musician of international stature, but most of all it’s a film about a man, who feels, believes, trusts and dares... without boundaries. It’s a film about principles and values that seem to be disappearing and lacking in the world of entertainment, a film about friendship, love and sound logic in life, which can be fun and beautiful despite or because its ups and downs ...«

  • Maja Pavlin
  • Maja Pavlin
  • Danijel Vrbec
  • Robert Pešut - Magnifico
    Key Cast
  • Rambo Amadeus
    Key Cast
  • Dragan Bjelogrlić
    Key Cast
  • Marko Miladinović - Mile
    Key Cast
  • Barbara Pešut
    Key Cast
  • Aleksander Pešut - Schatz!
    Key Cast
  • Damjan Kozole
    Key Cast
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    Documentary, Feature
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 23 minutes 44 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    November 9, 2016
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    Serbian, Slovenian
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    Country: Slovenia
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Director Biography - Maja Pavlin

Born on 29.08.1973 in Ljubljani.

Self employed in culture since 2005.

Since 1999 until now - freelance journalist, screenwriter, director and editor of music shows and documentary films on TV Slovenia;

Since 1999 until 2004 – co-creating TV music show SATURDAY FEVER as a TV host, journalist and music news editor.

In 2005 I created a music news weekly broadcast ARRHYTMIA - the only infotainment dedicated to alternative music on TV SLO. I am still part of it as an editor, director and screenwriter.

Since 2011 until now – an editor of concert production ARRHYTHMIC CONCERT PORTRAITS (we realized approx. 50 studio and terrain concerts of multi genre Slovenian bands and musicians.)

DOCUMENTARY WORK (screenwriter and director):
My documentary films are mostly focused on social and music themes ...

y. 2003, THE HEART OF THE BALKAN - GUČA (40:00): music documentary - Serbian trumpet phenomenon
- Festival Rose d'Or 2004, Switzerland: nomination in cat. ARTS & SPECIALS.

y. 2004, 20 years of DRUGA GODBA (30:00): the history of Slovenian world-music festival

y. 2004, ŠUTO ORIZARI, promised land (60:00): splendor and misery of Roma life in Europe's largest Roma village in Macedonia at the time of Romani marriages with gypsy music queen - Esma Redžepova.
- Festival Rose d'Or 2005, Switzerland: nomination in cat. ARTS & SPECIALS.
- Slovenian Media Award GONG 2005 – a special award for creative work.

y. 2005, WILD HEARTS (55:00): you can also live your dreams with cerebral palsy. A story about wishes, hope, joy, love and disappointment of adolescent - an everyday life of a youngster but Uroš is attached to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy...

y. 2006, 30 years of ROCK OTOČEC (40:00): music documentary about history of Slovenian rock festival.

y. 2006, I AM A GYPSY, Romani from Prekmurje (40:00): An integration of Roma people on North of Slovenia thru a portrait of a little Romani boy with a big dream - to become a popular football player.
- FESTIVAL DoKMa 2007, MB – competition program

y. 2010, EVERYDAY LIFE OF THE ROMANI: LIFE OF A ROMANI FAMILY (30:00): A day of 10-member Roma family in Bela Krajina - the Roma people on the edge of civilization on South of Slovenia.

y. 2012, NEIRA, a number in the system (30:00): irreparable consequences of foster care system in Slovenia.

y. 2015, SECOND VIOLIN, diversity among us (30:00): successful integration of persons with disabilities in everyday life

y. 2016, CHARLATAN MAGNIFIQUE, 1. in 2.del (83:00): music documentary - a portrait of Magnifico
- two nominations on NICE IFF 2017 for BEST STORY and BEST EDITING OF A DOCUMENTARY
- Slovenian Media Award VIKTOR 2016 – for best Documentary

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