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Pepe Jones

A defeated, 45-year-old recycled-paper salesman is about to become the world’s greatest thinker, all he has to do is trust his 19-year-old life coach.

It’s (middle-aged) Napoleon Dynamite meets (teenage) Obi-Wan Kenobi and accidentally becomes Malcolm Gladwell.

Pepe’s journey is the journey of Albert Einstein, of Steve Jobs, of Elon Musk and of all the world’s greatest thinkers, except Pepe Jones is not a genius. He’s a recycled-paper salesman from West Covina with a face only a mother can love and a severe case of anxiety, the kind that can make your crotch itch. Yeah. That kind.

Pepe Jones is a self-titled comedy television series that follows one overlooked, middle-aged man as he fails, embarrasses, and literally scratches his way through the six jobs his life coach believes will reveal his true purpose, which no one suspects is to change the world.

  • Daniel Rios
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    Television Script
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    Drama, Comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Daniel Rios

By 6th grade, Daniel knew exactly want he wanted to be: An actor. Since then, Daniel was kicked out of law school and has had over 26 different jobs. Inevitably, each job Daniel quit or was fired from led him back to the very essence of his 6th grade dream: To affect others through the art of pretending.

It’s Daniel’s stints as a stay-at-home dad, stand-up comedian, and currently as a therapist at an elite private boarding school that have had the greatest impact on Daniel’s decision to make writing his final career. And nothing has impacted Daniel quite like writing.

As a screenwriter (job #27), Daniel’s goal is to tell stories that invite laughter, introspection, and a possibility for change.

The son of immigrant parents from Mexico, Daniel was born in the proverbial town of East L.A. and raised in Catholic schools in the inconspicuous suburbs of West Covina.

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Writer Statement

It took me 27 jobs to find my true purpose.

Pepe Jones is a character and a story inspired by my own journey and the “WHAT IFs”. You see, most of us will never quit our job or change careers to pursue our true dreams, either out of fear of failure or the unknown or both. Which means, most of us will go through our entire life without ever knowing our true purpose in it. But, WHAT IF you knew the exact number of failures you were from discovering your true purpose? WHAT IF you knew there were only six jobs standing between you and what you were always meant to be?

Would you quit your job THEN? Would you go on that journey?

Pepe Jones did.