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8yrs ago uniformed cop Matilda Hews investigated a domestic where jewellery and rare gem dealer Anthony Cassidy was murdered in his home, his wife Hilary was
Arrested, charged, given a real quick trial found guilty and sentenced to life. This took a terrible toll on her two daughters, the married eldest miscarried and the youngest seemed to disappear
Matilda tried to find out the truth but when she got too close she received a photo of her younger brother tied with a note telling her to leave town or her brother Jess would die. She left never to hear about Jess. Now Molly the youngest daughter of murdered Anthony Cassidy is discovered in the basement of Ivy General Hospital by Doctor Michelle Mannering. This brings Matilda back to Ivy to face the people she left so suddenly, returning without Jess, she needs to finish what she started all those years ago, who killed Mr. Cassidy and why. to help Molly and to free an innocent woman

  • Karen Matthews
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Karen Matthews

This will be my first attempt as a Script Writer. Although I have been writing stories all my life I' ve not tried scripts. I don't have a biography

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I have loved writing since I was a kid, I found comfort in being someone else, living somewhere else, I'm still a bit of a gypsy. I have enjoyed this experience and will write more scripts, it's hard work but, I really enjoy it.