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Oneyear Garden

The timelapse captures all four seasons and transforms the flow of the time and the perception of the natural processes to the surrealistic form to the border of perceivable with a help of two thousand accelerated time. The document loses the continuity of the time, as we are used to perceive it. It focuses on the small changes of details that create the main subject of the garden and its position in the city environment. The fantastic idea of the time, perceptibility, variability and fate is unexpectably born in a constantly changing landscape.

As already mentioned Oneyear garden is the experimental film about perceptibility, time and fate. This is about how little we know about the place where we live. How much we are able to really get to know it. This place is the garden around the house, the city in which we live and which we perceive with our senses, especially our vision. Picture and time flowing through our presence gives us a three-dimension impression. Just like a being that can be recorded through the film as the whole. Our human brain forces us to perceive only one time schelude, and we are therefore forced to be unable to see any other movements, just like human body movement. However the film is a medium throught which a man can work, so just an acceleration or a turning the arrow of the time is a simple like a toy, which is the main essence of the expression of this documentary record.

The essence of this experiment was primarily the future of the universe. Specifically, it is the theory of the closed universe, which during a great crash back to its original point up to its original essence Apeiron (prime matter). The thought that the time would be able to run backwards is fantastic. One year garden will show you that it is quite thinkable or even true . Everything can be relative and changeable as the garden and the city, which grows and breathes without the image of the human. It seemed that it did not even exist in this timeline.

The viewer perfectly knows the garden in contrast with the industrial peripherals so he can recognise the message. And if he doesn´t recognize it, he enjoys the poetic experience, the beauty of the story from the nature, joyful birth and rapid destruction which accompanies the tricolored cat Vendulka, that lives in the garden. What is it present time, a future? What can we actually do? This is the content of the image, which can be classified both in philosophical genre and in documentary fiction. It could be a remarkable film about everyday things. Oneyear garden becomes a poetic universe in a confined space, which enhances the melancholy ambient music.

  • Petr Chroustovsky
  • Petr Chroustovsky
  • Vendulcat
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Short
  • Runtime:
    19 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
    Czech Republic
  • Country of Filming:
    Czech Republic
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
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    Country: Czech Republic
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Director - Petr Chroustovsky