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Ten Thousand Demons

Logline: In 1980, a teen-aged filmmaker unwittingly summons a demonic creature through his hobby of stop-motion animation, prompting an outcast psychic and his daughter to come to the boy’s aid.

Teaser synopsis:

Tom DeFrank makes monsters the old-fashioned way: a single frame of film at a time. In his bedroom stuido, the teen-aged filmmaker builds puppets of fantastic creatures, and brings them to life through stop-motion animation. In this cinematic ‘netherworld’, Tom has control, unlike in the real world, beset with relentless bullies, and parental neglect.

But when Tom constructs a new puppet in the likeness of a demon, he unwittingly creates a bond with an ancient entity conjured years back by a murderous devil cult. Now, when he animates, he summons a deadly force that wreaks the terrible vengeance of his repressed inner rage. With every flare of the boy’s passion, a strange creature is sent rampaging through the countryside, and it bears an eerie resemblance to Tom’s miniature beast! Terror ensues!

Only reclusive psychic Stephen Parrish, and his daughter Julie, know of the evil awakened in their little town. Even as romance blooms between the teens, Parrish labors to comprehend and stop this paranormal threat. But can he solve the mystery in time, before the frightened townsfolk turn their bewildered suspicions on him? Will Julie’s love enable Tom to contain his rampaging demon, a monster born of his own unbridled creativity.

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    Horror, thriller
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    United States
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I’m an artist and writer with a long background in film, animation, and theater. I’ve worked on motion pictures, independent films, television shows and commercials. Currently, I make my living as a prototype sculptor for toy and statue companies. I have three published novels to my credit.

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