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BLUES BOYS – Ft Film: The Blues Brothers, Sequel/Spin-off

Before he died, Jake Blue’s conjugal visits with Mystery Woman secretly spawned twins who now need Uncle Elwood’s help raising $50,000 to beat a killer thug frame-up.

BLUES BOYS is about strangers who become a family.

Present-day BLUES BROTHERS sequel Comedy Action Music

CAESAR and ROMEO BLUES, Jake Blues’ fraternal twins secretly born of Mystery Woman’s conjugal visits, are now introduced to Uncle Elwood so he can help them raise $50,000 fast.
The Boys have been set-up to look like they stole it from a Mob Boss' stash who will make them pay with their lives unless it’s replaced before the psychotic thug comes to collect it.
ELWOOD is summoned to the death-bed of a beaten-up and bandaged-up SISTER STIGMATA (the Penguin) and informed of the situation through a divine vision she shares with Elwood in a MUSIC production number:
CAB CALLOWAY is morphed in as God and RAY CHARLES guards The Pearly Gates.
JAKE, PENGUIN, JOHN CANDY, CURTIS, Carrie Fisher and RAY “dearly departed” from the original Blues Brothers movie are morphed into the cast as ghosts.
Includes reprisal roles for Aretha Franklin, Twiggy, Dan Aykroyd, The Bluesmobile.

It might actually be easier to get the dead cast members than the live ones.

On Labour Day Elwood picks up Caesar and Romeo at a very posh Rehab Center where they have swindled 2 months of luxurious summer residence.

Next day, back-to-work at “Holy Mother of God Catholic High School”:
Caesar is a compulsive slob and works as the “School Janitor”
Romeo is a kleptomaniac and works as the “School Security Guard”.

Romeo and Caesar have secret crushes and get outwitted by Special Ed kids.
TWIGGY is lunchroom lady SKY, in Witness Protection and Elwood’s love interest.

OTIS, the School Principal, allows a MOB BOSS to use the Auto-Shop class to hide the get-away cars and one car had a stash of $50,000 cash.

After Otis took the money to pay his gambling debts, he made Caesar clean the car and Romeo inventory the contents to get their fingerprints all over the car so he can blame them for the missing $50,000 cash.

ARETHA FRANKLIN owns the swankiest casino in town. Elwood and the Boys help Otis cheat to win $50,000 then get chaotically chased out when they’re discovered.

But then, the replaced money is stolen by AUTO-SHOP TEACHER and the Mob Boss car-naps The BLUESMOBILE demanding the Blues Boys replace the money by the end of the month “or else!”

So, Elwood plans a Halloween Fund Raiser Concert with the High-School band and the ghosts of the original Blues Brothers Band join them on stage.

Until then, every day while they rehearse, the Mob plays “NON-BLUES” MUSIC on the Bluesmobile’s radio affecting Elwood like a heart attack.

Elwood gets mistaken for and used as a substitute teacher:
• Music class has a “blues-off”: old school blues vs new blues into an all-out jam.
• In Geography Elwood looks for the bottle-top trying to open the crystal skull
• In Science: how to drink with best kind of inebriation and curing a hangover.
• In Art class he describes shades of blue as related to music.
• In Home Economics he teaches “culinary art of dry white toast”
• In Phys Ed he shows different speeds of running to tempo of blues songs

Elwood and Sky date:
Hey, Elwood, if your Bluesmobile likes her house, maybe someday you’ll have a ...little garage...
Y’know, all that in and out of her driveway...

Caesar shows up every night at CRYSTAL’S door with an assortment of gifts, but she doesn’t like him and never lets him in until he shows up with a bottle of wine.
He’s happy to see that she’s also a slob like him until he realizes that it’s because she’s an alcoholic, that’s why she never remembers he was there.
You’re so full of shit, your eyes are brown.

Romeo likes that AZZURI is an older woman. Noticing her very chic wardrobe and office, we find out she is a shopaholic. Eventually he wins her.
If we hook up enough to become a couple; it makes you “my old man”

On the day of the concert, the Boys find out Auto-Shop Teacher is the Mob-Boss.
But Teacher lies and reports Principal to Cops and the Blues Boys as accomplices.
Cops arrest Principal and bring Auto-Shop Teacher to the Police station to testify.
With an A.P.B on the Boys, Bluesmobile is chased through town by Mob AND Cops.
Jake’s ghost takes control of The Bluesmobile to dodge Mob guns and beat Cops to the Station so Caesar and Romeo can prove that Mob is led by Auto-Shop Teacher.

Ending -
All of them are at the Rehab Center for the next summer:

Romeo - kleptomania
Caesar - compulsive slob
Crystal - alcoholic
Azzuri - shopaholic
Otis - compulsive gambler
Mother – compulsive stalker

Auto-Shop Teacher is in jail
And The Bluesmobile is in a cute little new garage

  • Marisa Torre
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  • Genres:
    Comedy, Music, Action
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
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  • Hollywood, New York, Cannes
Writer Biography - Marisa Torre

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada
Film Arts at Ryerson
Fashion and Business at Seneca
Screenwriting with Larry Kasdan
2 yrs Royal Conservatory of Music

12 years York Region District School Board
5 yrs Volunteer - Art Gallery Ontario(AGO), TIFF, ReThink Cancer Breast Fest Film Fest (and others)
2 years TV Producer - Rogers Cable TV
Published Author 2006
12 Children’s Books
7 TV Pilots
4 Feature Films
5 Poetry Books

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Writer Statement

My literary favourite is G.B Shaw.
At age 15 in High School English class, I was greatly influenced by his play
MRS WARREN'S PROFESSION, not so much for the salacious subject matter he made sociable to discuss, but because he taught me to understand the other side of judicious morality.

With THE BLUES BOYS, Shaw’s principles of morality become relevant to a new generation engaging elements of beloved characters and young leads they can relate to.
I am mindful to do justice to Shaw's elevated views of morality and the depiction of common decency in those we see as below us and the flaws of those we see as above us.

I offer a unique talent for compelling visuals and controversial dialogue driven in the context of mainstream projects featuring light comedy and music in TV and Film.

I've worked in TV production and I pride myself on successful collaborations to established franchises as well as
writing to targeted audiences, casting and production budgets

I'm a very centered, well adjusted earthy person
-no drugs no drama no demons
but driven!
with an insanely wild imagination, solid work ethic and smart business sense