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Ditching Destiny on Halloween

A klutzy romantic is finally ready to settle for her dull boyfriend when she meets a strange, melancholy astrologer.

  • Laura Lewis-Barr
    Cloistered Honey -- full length comedy
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    United States
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  • LS&B Comedy Writing Contest
  • Three Cat New Works Festival
    January 19, 2017
Writer Biography - Laura Lewis-Barr

Laura's first screenplay, "Cloistered Honey" was made into a low budget film through Inspirare Productions. It won Best Screenplay at the Eugene International Film Festival and was also featured at the Red Dirt International Film Festival.

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Writer Statement

I've long admired the work of the Cohen brothers. Their screenplays often contain long scenes that bring an audience deep into a character’s inner world and struggles. In both my comedies and dramas I also write with longer scenes to help audiences feel the impact of small choices. Once we are invested in a scene, even subtle actions, (a glance, a nod) can create devastating or hilarious results.