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The Importance of Life

A rookie sport’s agent is adjusting to his new life style in the big city with his girlfriend in Chicago, until one night will change the both of their lives’ completely in a turn of events. The rookie sports agent, will have to make some drastic changes for his life, girlfriend, and others around him.

  • Cedric Shelton
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    United States
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  • Las Vegas International Screenplay Competition
    Las Vegas, NV
    August 11, 2017
    Top 3 Best Drama Screenplay
Writer Biography - Cedric Shelton

My name is Cedric Shelton. I was born and raised in Fresno, Ca. I am the youngest of 8. I grew up watching movies and TV shows like “Boy Meets World”, Robocop”, “Terminator”, “Superman”, “Batman”, and etc. I recently got into acting about 5 years ago, taking acting workshops such as, on camera commercial training, cold reading, and scene study, and improv classes. I have acted in several of movies and TV shows such as, “Stricken”, “Hawthorne”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “In Security”, “CSI New York”, “Finding Hope Now” with Avan Jogia, the star of the Abc Family hit show “Twisted”. I was also the lead actor on the ID channel on a TV series called “The Real NCIS: The Riverside Mystery. I played a role of an ex-naval officer “Kenneth Baily. And did a theater play when I was younger. Last summer, I had written, directed, and produced a short film called “Dramatic”. It’s my first film I have made. The story is about a woman who is going through some marital problems in her marriage, while dealing with a new coworker who caught her attention. It’s a drama/ suspense story that I am submitting to film festivals. I recently fell in love in writing screenplays for almost 6 years now, and have written 5 screenplays so far, and working on a 6th screenplay at the moment. I can honestly say that I am a crime/ drama writer, because I love TV shows and movies, such as, “CSI: Miami”, Dateline NBC, “48 Hours”, different episodes of the “ID Channel”, movies like, “Body Heat”, Goodfellas”, “Marked for Death”, “Heat” “Casino” Training Day”, “The Departed”, and “The Town”. I love the different prospective ways that cop’s and forensics teams, solves crimes. And the way, that they capture little and big details, at a crime scene. And more importantly, love learning the criminal justice system. And that’s why I love this genre. What keeps me motivated, as a screenwriter, is creating the nothing, out of something. Or turning a dream, into a reality. My motivation comes from, the things that has been going on in my life, my family and friends life, what’s going on in my city, in the entertainment and music industry, movies, books and what is going on around the world. Things like that keeps me motivated, constantly every single day. At the moment, I am thinking about my next screenplay.

My goal is to, purse one or all of my screenplays, into a feature film movie and to get my name out into the entertainment industry, as a screenwriter. Also, getting into directing and being an Executive Producer for my films and other people’s films. I would love to work alongside my favorite Directors and Producers, such as, Martin Scorsese, Katherine Bigalow, Tyler Perry, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Stephen Spielberg, Spike Lee, Gary F. Gary, John Singleton, Oliver Stone, and many others My achievement goal, is to earn and win several Academy Awards. Just recently, my very first script, “The Comeback” was named in the Top Finalist of the 2015 “Hollywood Screenplay Contest”, in the Action/ Adventure genre. I was thrilled and very proud of that moment, and believe that I will have many more great moments.

I believe, with my knowledge as a writer, great performances from my talent, crewmembers and a studio, or Executive Producer, and with a great support system from the moviegoers, I believe that I can make that dream, into my reality. I also want to give back to many communities and to be a helping hand, to many causes around the world. I also want to invest in creating businesses and investing into stocks. In addition, when I am done with writing or when writing is done with me, I want to earn my name on the Walk of Fame and to be known as the best screenwriter of All -Time. In addition, I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of your great production family, as a screenwriter, for many years to come.

Contact Info: (559) 779-4131

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