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Anita’s ghost is Marie’s secret new BFF protecting her from The League of Reapers and the darkest, most evil forces of...
High School

Pilot Ep. - Death Comes to Life
The lonely summer before High School MARIE almost dies from her first period, but is saved by ANITA’s newly summoned ghost from 1819 who happily becomes a secret new BFF.
While still discovering her ghostly powers, Anita must fight to keep Marie alive and from being harvested away from her by R.i.T, a (Grim) REAPER IN TRAINING, who needs to take her soul or the LEAGUE OF REAPERS will condemn him to the lonely eternity of unrest and isolation.

  • Marisa Torre
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    Television Script
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Writer Biography - Marisa Torre

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada
Fashion and Business at Seneca and
Film Arts at Ryerson
Screenwriting with Larry Kasdan
2 yrs Royal Conservatory of Music

12 years York Region District School Board, Educational Assistant
5 yrs Volunteer - Art Gallery Ontario(AGO), TIFF, Canadian Film Fest (and others)
2 years TV Producer - Rogers Cable TV
Published Author 2006
12 Children’s Books
7 TV Pilots
4 Feature Films
5 Poetry Books

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Writer Statement

THE HARVEST is about how they each suffer the lonely aspects of not fitting in
and the desperate lengths they’ll go to belong.

• First season, Marie is NOT aware of Anita fighting RiT to keep her alive, she struggles with new Step-Mom, not fitting in and High School Academic demands.
• Second season Marie is aware and helps Anita to fight against RiT, struggles with keeping the secret with humans at school and home and work.
• Third season RiT seeks them as allies against the REGALS who refuse RiT to his ascension, Marie struggles with real-life is boring compared to ghost-life.
• Fourth, Anita and RiT bond as a couple, Kate has a baby with Marie's Father, Marie finally makes a human BFF, but dies before graduation and ends the Series with Marie's High School classmates wrapping up all their stories with her.

Episodes include historical figures stirred from their deathly slumber when Marie studies them in her High School lessons.
They are summoned by Anita seeking help to beat RiT or just mischievous fun;
Some are fun, offering humorous perspective of modern day vs history.
Some bring dark and dangerous elements to help Anita defeat RiT for Marie’s soul,
But, they always relate exactly to Marie’s modern day struggles of loneliness, bullying, and coming of age experiences as ever before.
Some can be for only an Episode; others can play out a seasonal story arc.
Story lines are based on relevant issues of the day and how they are reflected in historical context:
• Plays to teens and under 25 male and female as Marie matures and deals with relatable issues to High School students.
• Plays to adults and over 25 male and female as parents and teachers who also struggle to do their best while dealing with difficult teen-agers.