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To A Stranger

Mark’s twin brother is dying. When he succumbs to cancer, Mark's life fractures into shards of grief, warring with the rush of an unexpected romantic entanglement with his twin's doctor. In this thought-provoking drama we see how much we are forged by what we love and who we lose.

Adapted with permission from a story by Lori Summers.

  • J. M Frey
    Triptych, The Untold Tale
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    Romance, Drama, LGBTQ, Gay, Canadian, Medical, cancer
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Writer Biography - J. M Frey

J.M. is an author and fanthropologist.

She’s appeared in podcasts, documentaries, and on television to discuss all things geeky through the lens of academia. She also has an addiction to scarves, Doctor Who, and tea, which may or may not all be related. Her life’s ambitions are to have stepped foot on every continent (only 3 left!), and to perform a duet with John Barrowman.

Her debut novel TRIPTYCH was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards, won the San Francisco Book Festival award for SF/F, was nominated for a 2011 CBC Bookie, was named one of The Advocate’s Best Overlooked Books of 2011, and garnered both a starred review and a place among the Best Books of 2011 from Publishers Weekly.

Her sophomore novel, an epic-length feminist meta-fantasy titled The Untold Tale, (book one of the Accidental Turn Series), debuts December 2015, followed by two more in 2016 and 2017. The Skylark’s Song, book one of The Skylark’s Saga, a steampunk action novel about a girl vigilante and her mysterious rocketpack, will be published in summer 2018.

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