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Life After Saving the World

When an unemployed super hero, finds herself broke and sleeping on her
best friend’s couch, she gets a job as a substitute teacher
for one student. She soon realizes that it takes real super powers
to deal with this “classroom terror” and new life of disappointments.

  • Nakia Burrise
    Crazy Daze, A Day in the life
  • Thomas Lazare
    FCBC Repertor TV, Club Flush
  • Nakia Burrise
    Crazy Daze, A Day in the Life
  • Thomas Lazare
  • Nakia Burrise
    Key Cast
    Power Rangers, The Mindy project, Angie Tribeca, Hart of Dixie...
  • Kente Scott
    Key Cast
    Antwone Fisher, Nutty Professor II
  • Katie Koster
    Key Cast
    The Middle, The Numbers Game, A good Man is Hard to Find..G
  • Danielle Montezinos
    Key Cast
    Rod the Mob, Mother Eve's Secret Garden of Senual Sisterhood
  • Sonya Leslie
    Key Cast
    Ray Donavan, Major Crimes, Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons
  • Nakia Burrise
    Show's Creator
    Crazy Daze, A Day in the Life
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    Television Script
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    United States
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  • August 15, 2015
    Northridge, Ca
    August 15, 2015
Writer Biography - Nakia Burrise, Thomas Lazare

Growing up in Stockton, CA, Nakia was introduced to musical theater and performance in elementary school. She began performing acrobatics by the age of five and later ventured into theater, musical theater, dancing, singing, and modeling. While attending Edison High School in Stockton, California, Nakia auditioned for UCLA’s prestigious theater department. She was the only African American female freshman accepted into the theater department that year. By the time she was a junior at UCLA, her professional career had begun. She booked her first role as a series regular on Power Rangers, as Tanya Sloan, the yellow ranger; while simultaneously recording her first pop album with her singing group, Divine. She has played an array of characters in such shows and movies as The Mayor, Atypical, Jane the Virgin, Baby Daddy, The Mindy Project, Murder in the First, Angie Tribeca Hart of Dixie (recurring), Star Trek Continues, New Girl… Along with her television and web series credits, she has appeared in numerous films, national commercials, musicals, and print ads.

In 2006 Nakia began producing her own projects. She co-wrote the comedy pilot, A Day in the Life. The project had great reviews. In 2009, she wrote, produced and starred in ,Crazy Daze, comedy series. The series received honorable mention in various tv/ film festivals.

In 2012 Nakia launched Sovereignty Entertainment Inc. a production company dedicated to producing family friendly television, web series, and films. Nakia takes great pride, passion, and joy in producing, writing, and acting!

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Writer Statement

Have you ever wondered, how it would feel to save the world? Ok, not
actually “save the world” as we know it; but saving lives in the ‘television
world,’ like the super heroes do? Well, I wondered. Then I did it!
Yep, I was a super hero. I played Tanya, the yellow ranger on Power
Rangers for 75 episodes and a movie (Nakia Burrise). It rocked! Fighting
puddies, winning battles over the forces of darkness, being a role model to
brown skinned kids! It was awesome! Then out of no where the red carpet
was pulled from under me. I was blindsided- bamboozled! Actually it wasn’t
that dramatic. My contract ended and it was time for new rangers!
But, didn’t the exaggerated version seem so much more interesting?
After Power Rangers, I went on to substitute teach, eventually taking over
classrooms because teachers were worn out, underprepared, under
qualified, and literally afraid of their students. This was elementary school,
by the way.…. in South Los Angeles! Need I say more? Luckily (as a
distraction) I had acting jobs and conventions in between wiping noses and
karate chopping students (just kidding, but sometimes I really wanted to).
By 2009, the comic con world became saturated with Power Ranger fans
leading promoters to book Power Ranger guests like me. One convention
became 2, then 10 now I travel the world signing autographs and taking
pictures. The fans are so loving. They come up to my table to tell me that
I’m their ‘third favorite ranger, or how the pink ranger is their favorite; or the
best one ever, “you’re so pretty to be black!’ Whoa, hit and a miss! I’m
living the dream, I tell ya! I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to! At least
I can say as a Power Ranger I did help save the world!
So I thought, “Hey, why not share, my “Life After Saving the World!”