48 Independent Short Film Festival from the creators of the 48FILM Project, and … It's not local … It's GLOBAL!!!

Filmmakers, have you already shoot a short film? 48ISFF, welcome you and proudly presents the International Short Film Festival that gives equal opportunities to every filmmaker from all over the world. Filmmakers who have already made any short films will be selected to screen their movies at the Directors Guild of America Theatre One in Hollywood. Submit your short film now and compete for the Best 48ISFF Award.

You can submit short movies from 3 and up to 30 minutes in length. We are accepting any genre. Submissions may be from any country.

We want to promote talented filmmakers, and we made the process easy, without formal restrictions on submissions. We will consider all genres and types of short films. Find more here: https://www.48isff.com

Special Screening at the DGA Theatre Two!

You don't want to compete?
Do you think that you have a fantastic film, and you deserve a Golden Tix to go straight to the special non-competition screening at the most prestigious theatre in Hollywood?

48ISFF is considering content from independent filmmakers for films up to 30min long for our Special Screening at the Directors Guild of America Theatre two! Submit now with a fee waiver.

If your movie passes and gets the Golden Tix, it will go straight to the special screening at the Directors Guild of America, but you will not compete for the Grand prizes.

After reviewing your film, we will email you an agreement for the show, and you can bring all friends, associates, and family to watch your awesome movie at the Directors Guild of America on a special screening at the 48ISFF International Festival.

$5,000 in cash and prizes!

The top winning, 48ISFF Films will compete for the Grand Prize and Awards and will be screen at the DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA Theatre One, in HOLLYWOOD, the following year.

Also, the chosen movies of the Golden Tix submission will be screen in special screening as official selections at the DGA Theatre Two, in Hollywood!

Official Selections don't compete for the Grand Prizes.

Get more info here: https://www.48isff.com

You can visit our official website and check the rules here:

Please read the following submission requirements carefully before you complete our online entry form.


Films could be premiered anywhere in the world. However, we give priority and preference to movies that haven’t yet premiered in Los Angeles. So, don’t wait to submit your film.
If your film is selected, we will ask you to email us a higher resolution.
You can also submit multiple entries (with different movies), but you must complete a separate entry form and pay the entry fee for each film.
Films must have been completed anytime in the last three years. (From January 1, 2016, and beyond.)

Non-English films will also be accepted but must have English subtitles.
Do NOT send Press kits or extra materials.


Early Deadline: March 31, 2020
Regular Deadline: May 31, 2020
Late Deadline: September 30, 2020


Shorts under 30 minutes, for each entry:

Early Deadline: $69.99
Regular Deadline: $79.99
Late Deadline: $89.99


Film selection for the 48 Independent Short Film Festival will going through the judging process by the screening committee headed by the creator and executive producer of our festival, Mr. Francesco Vitali.

Filmmakers will be notified via email of acceptance.


Best Film of 48ISFF
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Production

Check our rules in details at our official website: www.48isff.com


SPECIAL SCREENINGS - -Non-competition
All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm PST, October 18, 2020.

Submission Fee: $125


Please submit your movie if it meets the following conditions:

(1) Your film completed AFTER January 1, 2018

(2) it has a minimum duration of 2 minutes and a maximum duration of 30 minutes including credits

(3) the filmmaker(s) has secured permission to use all copyrighted and trademarked material (music, images, text sources, etc.).

(4) it has English subtitles if it is in a foreign language.


The following films or videos are INELIGIBLE

Please DO NOT submit your movie, if ANY of the following conditions apply to your film or video:

(1) it has been previously submitted to 48ISFF

(2) it is too short (less than 2 minutes) or too long (over 31 minutes)included credits.

(3) it is an experimental film (lacks a story plot)

(4) it is a dance video

(5) it is a music video that promotes a performer or band

(6) it is part of a web series

(7) it has or will screen for the public before the official screening of the 48ISFF on November 27, 2020

Submission Requirements:

We ONLY accept submissions through FilmFreeway with a Vimeo link.
Or through our official website: www.48isff.com/goldentix
If you submit as a YouTube video, it will only be considered if it is a private link.

All filmmakers and producers submitting films and videos warrant that they have the authority to present the work to 48ISFF and the Directors Guild of America.
Such persons indemnify and hold harmless the 48 Independent Short Film Festival, the venue, its judges, funders, sponsors, directors, staff and volunteers, individually and collectively, from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses including legal expenses arising out of or in connection with any and all claims, including third party claims, based on films/videos/artworks submitted to 48ISFF.

Judging Criteria:

30%- STORY

The story has a clear message and a unique storyline. Rich and vibrant storytelling that engages amuses or provokes the viewer


Original and captivating with imaginative writing and directing that presents the theme in an exciting way


The structure is tight with Images that are arranged logically in a way that fits the purpose of the film and beautifully crafted.


To have a strong command and proficiency in Cinematography, editing, audio, music, and special effects. How it is applied to further the idea or originality of the artwork will be taken into consideration.


The festival welcomes all kinds of styles, such as dramas, comedies, thrillers, horror, documentaries, musicals, westerns, animated.

We LOVE films, and we LOVE all kinds of genres.

Format requirements:

If a submitted film is selected and invited to screen at the festival, we request that the filmmaker provide a 1920x1080 MOV digital file encoded with ProRes 422 or ProRes 422(HQ) with 2-channel 16 bit, 48 kHz audio, and with English subtitles if applicable. This file should NOT have a film leader countdown. We will not accept ProRes LT, 4444, or Apple Animation Codec files. If an MOV digital file encoded with ProRes 422 or ProRes 422(HQ) is not available, we will accept the best quality (lowest compression, highest resolution) 1920x1080 digital file (MOV or MP4) of the film using the H.264 codec.

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