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A priest must hide out at his brother’s whore-house for two weeks rehearsing a Church-Charity concert to avoid two hitmen bikers set on him by his embezzling Head Priest to retrieve the guns and $10, 000,000 he took from him.

Present-day Drama, Light Comedy, Music, Action

TRAMPS LIKE US is about that last desperate hurdle before a new start for a nice life

Heartbroken leaving his two Canine Patrol dogs in Afghanistan, WIN believes he’s on his way home from Military Service to his wife and a peaceful new start to a nice life, until his brother, Father QUART, picks him up at the station having just escaped with guns and $10,000,000 cash from his Church’s embezzler and abusive Head-Priest who set-up Fr Quart for all the fraud including a non-existent band for a sold out charity concert in two wks.

On his way to pick-up Win, Fr Quart also helped five boys report Head-Priest’s sexual abuse to Police
Head Priest discovers the guns and the cash missing so he sets two hit-men bikers on Quart and wants it back before the concert so he can take it with him to Rome

After Win cleverly uses his briefs to wipe-out the two hit-men Bikers and leave them passed-out on the road, he has an idea: the Cops can’t arrest Quart if he gets a band to do the concert in two weeks, and Head-Priest can’t charge Quart for the guns and cash without incriminating himself. If they can rehearse a church-charity show at Win’s whorehouse and keep the hit-men bikers misdirected, in two weeks, they’ll be free for that new start to a nice life!

When it’s all set up and Win is finally home, WENDY thinks the worst is over until she sees Quart
She never liked her boozer brother-in-law to begin with and now for two weeks she must risk their lives to save his while she and Win adapt to life with a toddler

Even with the ever-ominous threat of violent death if they’re found making music instead of whoopee, they weave an affectionate family bond amid prostitution, music, a few gags and a common goal of a new start to a nice life
They keep their loved ones safe, including a toddler and a dog

But love-at-first-sight is the real danger for Quart when he falls for SONIA, a house hooker who must resist his every effort and protect Quart from a psychotic king-pin drug-lord Exboss stalking her

In the end
Hitmen bikers become heroic allies and bring Head-Priest to justice
They survive an explosive pre-concert attack by Sonia’s Exboss
Quart earns Wendy's respect and Sonia's heart.
Win adopts his military dogs
The show’s a hit and they’re free for a new start to a nice life!

Wendy’s intimate play with Win’s masculine bodily fluid
Hooker/sex compares to HUSTLERS
“Now that you’re secular you want to be celibate with a hooker”
Car-chase and explosions compare to THE BLUES BROTHERS
“I’ll kill you so dead you gotta come back to life just to finish dying!”

Male leads are flawed non-conformist vulnerable only to their woman
Female leads are strong and smart vulnerable only to their man

WIN 30 ex-GI, former embezzler millionaire lawyer, married a hooker
Fr QUART 30 tall hot, thieving millionaire, alcoholic playboy priest

WENDY 25 Win’s ex-hooker wife runs ‘house’ with a secret for the future
SONIA 40 Quart’s love, Italian, house hooker with a secret very menacing past

LIL CHRIS a toddler with a secret gender never made known
SISTER a Transgendered nun with strong military connections
Most leads can be any ethnicity

Allows for two sequels TRAMPS IN CANADA and TRAMPS IN ITALY
Any Music Direction: Motown Pop Retro Country Hip-Hop
Possible ad-libs and cameos for celebs

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    Drama, Light comedy, Action, Music
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  • Hollywood, New York, Cannes
Writer Biography

Born and raised of Italian parents in Toronto, Canada

Fashion and Business at Seneca
Film Studies at Ryerson
Screenwriting with Larry Kasdan
2 yrs Royal Conservatory of Music

12 years Catholic School Board of York Region
5 yrs Volunteer - Art Gallery Ontario (AGO), TIFF, ReThink Cancer Breast Fest Film Fest (and others)
2 years TV Assoc Producer - Rogers Cable TV
Published Author 2006
12 Children’s Books
7 TV Pilots
4 Feature Films
5 Poetry Books

Google Marisa Torre:
Twitter - 1700 Followers
LinkedIn – 4600
Stage32 – 19,000
FaceBook - 900 – PoetryForPeopleWhoHatePoetry

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Writer Statement

Movie and music MacGuffin; I'm too busty to dance and too flat to sing so I write screenplays and poetry.

My literary favorite is G.B Shaw.
In High School English class, I was greatly influenced by his play MRS WARREN'S PROFESSION,
not so much for the salacious subject matter of prostitution he made sociable to discuss, but because he taught me to understand another side of judicious morality.
With TRAMPS LIKE US, I am mindful to do justice to Shaw's elevated views of morality and to portray the common decency in those we see as below us against the elitist abuses of those we see as above us.

I offer a unique talent for compelling visuals and controversial dialogue driven in the context of mainstream projects featuring light comedy and music in TV and Film.

My work is highly praised by industry pros and I've worked in TV production
My poetry has been published in the USA and I'm the invited headliner at readings.

I pride myself on successful collaborations to established franchises as well as writing to targeted audiences, casting and production budgets.

I'm a very centered, well adjusted earthy person
-no drugs no drama no demons
but driven!
with an insanely wild imagination, solid work ethic and smart business sense.