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Tangled Spirits

A splintered comet rips through the earth's atmosphere and interrupts and entangles five ascending spirits; plummeting them back to Earth. In the mayhem, the spirits return to their wrong bodies. The revived body of 8-year- old Travis, who drowned in the family swimming pool, now houses the spirit of a violent Hispanic gang member. A 35-year-old black woman and suicide victim Stella now houses the spirit of Travis.
His mother, Christy, and Parapsychologist, Dr. Sandoval, desperately search for answers only to find several other people whose spirits have also been switched by the rogue comet. Christy must deal with forces that challenge her very beliefs.

  • Eric P Granger
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    United States
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  • BEST SCREENPLAY - Topanga Film Fest - 2015
    Topanga CA
    July 15, 2015
    Best Screenplay
  • BEST SCREENPLAY - HOLLYWOOD Independent Film Festival
  • BEST SCREENPLAY - Canada Independent Film Festival
  • BEST SCREENPLAY - Magwill Film Festival
  • SILVER AWARD - International Independent Film Awards 2015
  • 3rd PLACE - Miami International Sci-fi Film Fest - 2015
    Miami, FL
    February 15, 2015
    3rd place - Screenplay
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival - 2015
    Beverly Hills, CA
    May 20, 2015
    Official Selection - Screenplay
  • AWARD of MERIT - L.A. Cinefsrt of Hollywood Fall 2015
    Los Angeles
    September 21, 2015
    Award of Merit - Screenplay
Writer Biography - Eric P Granger

Since 2000, I have written and produced 4 murder mystery stage plays, and a full length Musical (Book, Music and Lyrics). I have won 2 Grand Prize music awards for lyrics in Nashville and release a new short story book on Kindle (One Baby Boomer’s Journey).
I have written six features and three shorts and have received more than 65 Film Festival Screenplay Awards in the past two years; including 11 - “BEST SCREENPLAY” and 30 – “Finalist” Awards. As well as 3rd place at Cannes this year. Currently a Judge for The Berlin International Film Festival; living in Lake Placid, NY and Costa Rica.

Tangled Spirits – Feature – Sci-Fi Action – 28 Film Festival Awards
The Guide – Feature - Action Adventure – 10 Film Festival Awards
Terminal Squad – Feature – Action Adventure – 5 Film Festival Awards
Green Flash – Feature – Action Adventure – 2 Film Festival Awards
Hindsight - Feature – Action Adventure - New Release
Where There’s a Will Feature – Comedy – New Release
POLLY – Short – Heart Felt Magical – 15 Film Festival Awards
Double Crossed - Short – Super Natural Suspense - 3 Film Festival Awards
Forbidden Pond - Short – Super Natural Suspense – 1 Film Festival Award /

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I love telling unique stories through words and songs.