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Shadow of a shadow

LOG LINE: Obsessed with 1960’s French cinema, a young man from Glasgow creates an imaginary world where his French stars come to life. He falls in love with the image of a glamorous actress from the 60’s, abandons his wife and pursues the love of the now retired actress in Paris.

Deserted by his Scottish father, Harris and his French Mother find solace in the old French movies his mother had brought to Scotland. Following his Mother’s death after his tenth birthday, he is forced to live with his alcoholic Grandmother. Neglected, starved of love and unable to rescue his Grandmother from her addiction, he returns to the old films he had watched with his mother.
As a young adult, he soon finds another feminine figure to rescue following the death of his Grandmother. He marries quickly, but unable to liberate his new wife from her heroin addiction he seeks escape from the toxic relationship. His fragmented memories of his mother become adorned with nostalgic thoughts of her perfection, and in his search for idealism, he creates a fantasy world where French cinema and reality become one. He falls in love with the image of a beautiful actress in his favourite film, and when a visiting actor from his imagination refuses to leave, Harris and his new sidekick embark on a quest to find the actress in Paris.
Beatrice is long retired from acting and is now close to sixty years old. Disillusioned and fearful of love, she lives a lonely but stable life which is resistant to change. Although accepting her solitary life, she still yearns for the courage to love again, a courage long forgotten.
With his sidekick in tow, Harris arrives at Beatrice’s apartment unannounced. Deeply in love with the image she represents, he is resolved to fight for a reciprocal love. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery, eventually acknowledging her as a real woman with imperfections and discovers her hidden past. He challenges Beatrice’s notions of love and truth, allowing then both to explore the possibility of love between two distant generations.
`Shadow of a shadow’ uses cinema as a reflective surface to expose our human need to connect to the past, to something magical and seemingly unobtainable. It explores loves illusory power and its ability to deceive us into inventing fantasy from reality. It also stylistically challenges the social and moral boundaries of love when faced with the force of such a fantasy.

Shadow of a Shadow is also available in French:

En français:
Obsédé par le cinéma Français des années 1960, un jeune homme abandonne sa femme, parti pour Paris et se bat pour l'amour d'une ex- actrice, aujourd'hui à la retraite.
« L'ombre d'une ombre » suit un jeune homme de vingt-trois ans nommé Harris. Comme un enfant, il était obligé de vivre avec sa grand-mère alcoolique après la mort de sa mère célibataire. Malgré la perte de son enfance dans la dépendance de sa grand-mère, il a trouvé le confort dans les vieux films Français, sa mère avait aimé. Après la mort de sa grand-mère, il épousa un toxicomane, mais son incapacité à sauver une autre lui a laissé dans une relation toxique. Souvenirs fragmentés de sa défunte mère maintenant ont fleuri sort des pensées idéalisées sa perfection. Dans sa recherche de l'idéalisme, il crée une vie imaginaire où le cinéma et la réalité deviennent un seul et découvre une vision de la pureté féminine dans un vieux film Français. Alimentée par son désir pour la belle fille dans le film, maintenant plus que deux fois son âge, il se lance dans une quête à la recherche pour elle à Paris.Ombre d'une ombre utilise un film comme une surface réfléchissante pour exposer notre besoin humain de se connecter par le passé, quelque chose de magique et apparemment impossible à obtenir. Il explore la puissance illusoire d'amours et la capacité de nous tromper en inventant le fantasme de la réalité. Ombre d'une ombre a également stylistiquement contesté les limites sociales et morales de l'amour contre la force d'un tel fantasme.

  • Alan Redpath
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    L'ombre d'une ombre
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    United Kingdom
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    English, French
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  • LA Movie festival 2016- Winner of Best Screen play
    The Los Angeles Movie Festival 2016
    January 7, 2016
    Winner of Best Script 2016 for Shadow of a Shadow
  • Winner-Best screenplay award- Nice International Film Festival Nomination
    Nice, France
    May 13, 2016
    Winner of Best Screen play award
  • Winner of the Canadian International Film festival for Shadow of a Shadow (short)
    February 28, 2016
    Shadow of a Shadow
  • TMFF Festival finalist award
    TMFF Finalist award
    November 30, 2015
    Screen play finalist
  • Short Stop Screenplay Runner up
    January 16, 2016!screenplay/fmus6
  • TMFF Festival finalist award

    December 25, 2015
    Finalist award for Shadow of a Shadow
  • Industry Boost Screenplay finalist
    Industry Boost Screenplay finalist
    November 24, 2016
    Best Script for Shadow of a Shadow
  • California Indi Film festival
    May 15, 2017
  • Chicago Visions film festival
    July 5, 2017
Writer Biography - Alan Redpath

I am a writer with a love for world cinema and nouvelle vague French cinema. I initially created the screen play Shadow of a shadow to link my love for both 1960's French culture and Scottish culture, which has expanded to question the social and moral restrictions of love. I have links with Nouvelle vague actors in France, am fluent in French and write and translate for French Magazines.
Je suis un écrivain avec un amour pour le cinéma mondial et le cinéma Français nouvelle vague. Au début, j'ai créé le scénario de « L'ombre d'une ombre » de lier mon amour pour la culture des années 1960 culture Français et écossais, qui se développa à la limitation de question sociale et morale de l'amour. J'ai des liens vers les acteurs de la nouvelle vague en France, je parle Français et écrire et traduire pour les Magazines Français-anglais et pour le site Web d'Agnès Varda.

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