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The Journey

Uncle Chuan is an old-fashioned and conservative man staying alone in Cameron Highlands leading a lonely retired life. His only hope is to reunite with his only daughter Ah Bee who will be returning from overseas after graduation and stay together as a traditional family. Finally Ah Bee came back after graduation but she brought back her foreign boyfriend Benji with her and they planned to get married. Uncle Chuan vigorously opposed to the marriage due to Ben’s frivolous behaviour but he failed to change his daughter’s mind. At the end, Uncle Chuan agreed to their marriage reluctantly, with a condition to be fulfilled- their wedding ceremony must be a Chinese ceremony.
According to the Chinese culture, son-in-law Benji is obliged to deliver the wedding invitations together with the father-in-law. To realise a promise of young age, Uncle Chuan decided to invite all his 11 ex-primary classmates that are now located all over Malaysia to attend the daughter’s wedding. He has planned a route map to visit all these ex-classmates in order to hand them the invitation card in person. Benji has agreed with the task but insisted to travel in his motorcycle. Without much choice, the journey of a long distance road travel of Uncle Chuan accompanied by Benji kicked started unwillingly.
The journey of invitation-delivery was filled with joys and sorrows. Meeting up with the long lost friends has lighten up Uncle Chuan and brought back the good old memories of primary school. However, one of the classmates passed away not long after meeting Uncle Chuan. The unfortunate incident has led Uncle Chuan to feel that life is unpredictable and everyone should live with no regrets, this makes him to re-value his relationship with his daughter and son-in-law.
The journey of invitation delivery was tiring, but Uncle Chuan and Benji has been taking care of each other despite the language barrier between them. Both of them have learnt to compromise and the differences between them lessen by day. Uncle Chuan slowly realized that Benji is the right candidate to be a good partner for his daughter.
At last, Uncle Chuan gets to reunite with his ex-classmates from primary school. With the blessing of these special guests, Uncle Chuan handed over his daughter to Benji in the wedding ceremony.

  • Chiu Keng Guan
  • Ryon Lee, Chan Yoke Yeng
  • Heng Yee Jia
  • Ben Andrew Pfeiffer
    Key Cast
  • Lee Sai Peng
    Key Cast
  • Joanne Yew Hong Im
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 43 minutes
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • Taiwan Tao Yuan Film Festival 2013
    Tao Yuan,Taiwan
    World Premiere
    Most Voted Foreign Film (Audience Choice)
  • 4th Beijing International Film Festival 2014
    Beijing, China
    China Premiere
  • 16th Udine Far East Film Festival 2014
    Udine, Italy
    European Premiere
  • 17th Shanghai International Film Festival 2014
    Shanghai, China
  • 12th World Film Festival of Bangkok 2014
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Thailand Premiere
  • 17th Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2015
    Seoul, Korea
    Korean Premiere
Director Biography - Chiu Keng Guan

Chiu had actively involved in Malaysia film and TV production for more than 20 years after his graduation from SAITO College and Kuala Lumpur College of Art, majoring Art Design and Fine Art. He has then continued studying in Film Directing Course in Beijing Film Academy. Upon completion and returning to Malaysia, Chiu began his media career as freelance director for drama series, TV Commercial and MV. Chiu currently holds the position of Channel Support Manager for Astro Chinese Language Business and has produced various high rating TV programmers.
In year 2009, he produced and directed his first debut film <Woohoo!>, it marks the important milestone of creating the first Chinese New Year’s Comedy in the Malaysia market. To ensure the authenticity of the Malaysia culture, Chiu broken the established industry norm, insisted to introduce 100% local cast and crew production team to guarantee a 100% locally made film. <Woohoo!> has broken the box office record of Malaysia Chinese Movie and achieved a box office sale of RM4.2 million. <Woohoo!> was honoured with Special Jury Award in Malaysia Film Festival 2010 and selected as the top film in Osaka Asian Film Festival 2010.
<Great Day> which was directed by Chiu in year 2010 has achieved another record box office sales of RM6.5 million and awarded the “Best Non Malay Feature Film” by Malaysia Film Festival 2011. <Great Day> was also invited and screened in numerous of film festival worldwide, that includes: 12th San Diego Asian Film Festival (2011),35th Sao Paulo International Film Festival (2011), 9th World Film Festival of Bangkok (2012), Thailand Hua Hin Film Festival (2012), 14th Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2012), Armenian 9th International Film Festival for Children and Young People (2013).
Taking film production to the next level, Chiu is the first director to have the film cast opened for the widespread participation of all Malaysians in his recent work, <The Journey>. The movie is a nationwide filming project that provokes collective support of the local people. It invites audience to embark on a profound road trip through the scenic splendour and the unique culture of Malaysia. <The Journey> is the final part of his heart warming family comedy trilogy.<The Journey> has become the highest grossing film holder in Malaysia with accumulative total box office record of RM17.28 million in 55 days. Besides, it also received an “Outstanding Arts and Entertainment Award” in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) for its highest box office collection of all time. Before it's been release in Malaysia, <The Journey> had its world premiere in Taiwan Tao Yuan Film Festival 2013 and won the "Most Voted Foreign Film (audience choice)". Other than that, <The Journey> also stepped out from Asia and had its European Premiere in the 16th Udine Far East Film Festival 2014 in Italy. It also being selected to participate in “Film Panorama” of the 4th Beijing International Film Festival and 17th Shanghai International Film Festival.

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