It Don't Rain on Sunny Days (Screenplay)

Jason Feldman is a bit down on his luck until he wins the lottery. Just when he thinks his luck has turned for the only gets worse.

  • Randy Sparks
    Tacoma Chalk Off
  • Lee Fleming
    Following Chip; Prick
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  • Genres:
    Dark Comedy.
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • Student Project:
  • 2019 Austin After Dark Film Festival
    Austin, TX
    Winner: Dark Comedy Screenplay Award (Short)
  • Destiny City Film Festival Short Screenwriter's Competition
    Tacoma, WA
Writer Biography - Randy Sparks , Lee Fleming

Randy Sparks holds two college degrees: B.S. in Business and a MBA from City University of Seattle. Currently he resides in Tacoma, WA. His art background began at an early age.

In 1968, at 10 he loved filming homemade movies, which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in. His proudest film of the time "The House of Blood" a 10 min super 8 flick.

In 1971, he concentrated on writing plays, songs, poems and art. Years later his college Art Professor told him that he would do well in making a career in Art. He said Randy drew like Michelangelo.

In 1975, Randy began four years of study in live theater involving plays, operas and variety shows. He would work closely with the companies' producers and directors particularly in areas involving lights and sound, acting, and set construction.
From 1979-1996 he was busy going to college, raising two children and performing live music.

It wasn't till 1997 that he got involved with digital photography and video. He spent the next 2 years as an assistant photographer for the Seattle Seahawks, working with team photographer Corky Truin and a year with comedian/fine art photographer Rod Long.

In 2003, he begin filming promotional videos, music videos and concert videos. In 2007, he moved his energy towards creating his own pictures as a producer, director and writer. Film successes include: Tacoma Chalk Off; It Don't Rain on Sunny Days; A Glitch In the System; Tacoma's Rock-n-Roll Legends (79k views on Facebook) and his current film Rose Colored Shades.

Lee Fleming - is a writer and director, known for Angel's Bounty (2015), A First Time for Everything (2010) and Don't Go to the Door (2011).

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Writer Statement

It Don't Rain on Sunny Days is actually a tune I wrote some 15 years ago to entertain my teenagers. I would sing the song, practically through my nose, to get that gritty Leon Redbone sound.

In 2007, I saw the movie "Ray" and there was a line in the film when Jamie Fox says: " I like country... because the songs tell stories." That line inspired me to make my song into a movie.

Months later, I ran into comedy writer Lee Fleming at the Tacoma Film Festival. He was premiering his film called Following Chip. That evening I gave him a rough outline of the story and I sensed we could make this thing work. We began writing the script in December, ten months later it was ready to film.

~ Randy Sparks