Sweet Meat

Olivia is a half-breed. Half human. Half Being from the Dark Beyond. The Ancient Ones feasted upon human flesh. But their appearance struck terror in mankind and that fear poisoned the meat. So they created half-breeds to tame the prey. And at the height of bliss, joy, love… the half-breeds slaughter their quarry, thereby capturing the meat at its very sweetest. But Olivia has fallen in love with her chosen “offering”, Charles. And now she must fight to save the man that she was committed to kill.

  • JT Seaton
    George's Intervention, Psychosomatika, Divination, The Peripheral
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    Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, HP Lovecraft
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    United States
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Writer Biography - JT Seaton

JT Seaton is a graduate of the CalArts Directing program. Shortly after snagging a diploma, he wrote and directed the short gay themed horror film “Nightshadows”, which won several awards at various film festivals. His first leap into the world of feature films came with the horror/comedy “George’s Intervention”. “George’s Intervention” screened all over the world, winning multiple awards before landing a distribution deal with Breaking Glass Pictures. Next came “Divination”, a multi award winning short film. “Divination” found a home at the Hillbilly Horror Show (Vol. 3) and was seen during the 2014 Halloween season at amusement parks across the country, brought to you by HorrorHound! "The Peripheral" followed, a short horror film starring cult actress Lynn Lowry ("Shivers", "The Crazies", "Cat People"). "The Peripheral" screened at almost 100 film festivals throughout the world, winning over 20 awards.

In addition to terrifying people with his own creations, JT is also responsible for sharing the nightmares of other horror filmmakers. In 2011, he co-founded the NOLA HORROR FILM FEST (in New Orleans). Now in its 9th season, the NOLAHFF is growing and spreading fear throughout Louisiana… and the world.

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