Blood Rush

When a group of college friends become stranded in the middle of nowhere, they fall prey to a sadistic family of rednecks. Their ultimate survival will depend on their most naive member... and a most unusual ally.

  • Ben Lawson
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Writer Biography - Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson has been writing and directing short films since 2010. His early shorts garnered numerous nominations and awards in local film festivals and contests, including Best Screenplay and Best Direction.

Ben was raised on a small family farm in rural Southwestern Missouri. It was here in these early years that he nurtured an appreciation and passion for reading, drawing, and creating works with the horror and dark sci-fi themes which defined him as an artist. As a pre-teen inspired by his father’s early 4x5 camera he found in a barn attic, Ben acquired a small film camera and was immediately enraptured with this new medium. Consequentially, he graduated from Missouri State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography.

He took a ten-year artistic hiatus to get married and raised a family of boys, then resumed his artistic journey in photography with his own studio. This creative exploration encouraged Ben’s foray into film — digital camera technology could now capture his art in motion — and he produced a number of short films and music videos, single-handedly writing, directing, shooting and editing the majority of those productions.

Following a divorce in 2014, Ben continued to work in his home town of Springfield, Missouri and moved to Chicago to shoot more shorts and began to work on feature productions. There on a set he was encouraged to make the move to Hollywood and expand his artistic horizons and opportunities.

True to his art and passion, Ben lives in Los Angeles where he showcases his distinctive creative vision both in writing and directing short and feature length projects today.

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