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Crimson Queen


BILL NORRIS, 40s, wakes up in a forest. He has pain in his head. He is confused. How did he end up in the forest? Bill makes it into town but finds that his girlfriend is gone, bank accounts cashed-out, and his business closed.

Bill discovers he has amnesia and his injury is causing blackouts and dreams that are actually missing memories.

Bill's former lover, ELLY STOCKS, gets him to hospital after a blackout. Due to the injury the hospital informs DETECTIVE BRUCE, who interviews Bill and looks into Bill’s “missing” girlfriend, Allison. He finds her living with Bill’s former employee, FREDDIE ZANE, in a Maine fishing town. A cop interviews her.

Through his dreams, Bill recalls catching Freddie and Allison using his shipping company to traffic Pink Meth for TONY SERPIENTE, a Columbian cartel lieutenant.

Bill tells Bruce and DETECTIVE WILLIAMSON. They're skeptical about his story but look into it. They find that Freddie is the agent for a Cayman company that owns a fish plant. They learn that the DEA believes that Tony Serpiente is behind the pink meth. Bruce visits the fish plant.

At the plant, Tony, Allison and Freddie plan for fishing boats to pick up pink meth from a fish factory ship offshore. The cops visit the plant too late. While there, Bill leaves a note on their card with two words - “Crimson Queen” - a Panamanian Fish Factory Ship which just refuelled in Boston.

After the cop's visit, Allison is shaken to hear that Bill is around. She has inexplicable encounters with him. After an erie nightmare, she goes to the forest where she and Freddie left Bill and finds an empty shallow grave. She tells Freddie. Worried, their drug business will be blown, they kidnap Bill and Elly, locking them in a fishing boat hold, involved in the pickup of drugs at sea.

Later, the fishing boat approaches the Crimson Queen. Bill and Elly escape and take control of the boat. Bill steers the boat and rams it up the ship's sloped stern. The boat is lodged on the ship. Freddie and crew storm the wheelhouse. Bill is knocked unconscious.

On the Crimson Queen, the Captain decides to sail back to port for repairs. Tony is furious and cuts Freddie's throat. The boat off the ship is lifted off the ship and set loose. Adrift, Bill gets the engines started and sends a Mayday call.

The DEA tracks the Crimson Queen and prepares to ambush the ship in the harbour area. SWAT teams prepare to raid the plant, Allison’s home and the ship when it arrives.

The ship sails in. SWAT teams swoop. A helicopter drops men on the ship; the plant is stormed; Allison is quickly picked up at her home. The Crimson Queen is taken along with the bad guys.

Days later, Bill and Elly meet. Bill tells Elly that he has to leave. He gives her a package for Bruce. Upset and confused, she gives the envelope to Bruce. It's GPS coordinates, which leads the cops to the forest, and a grave. The body is identified as Bill Norris. For the cops it's inexplicable.

Days later, Bruce meets Elly to tell her about the grave. She had a feeling it was Bill and that he came back to put things right and I feel we may see him again. From the trees someone watches Bruce and Elly walk away together.


  • Ian Wilson
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  • Genres:
    Crime, Thriller, suspense, Mystery
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
  • Summer Slam Festival
    August 31, 2015
    Official Selection
  • The Indie Gathering
    Hudson, Ohio
    August 30, 2015
    Best Crime Screenplay (2nd Place)
  • Three Cities Festival
    Los Angeles
    May 23, 2015
    Runner-up, Best Screenplay
  • The Monthly Film Festival
    Glasgow / Online
    September 1, 2015
    Official Selection
  • Silver Dollar Film Festival
    March 11, 2016
    Best Screenplay
  • Jefferson State FLIXX FEST
    Ft. Jones, CA
    September 22, 2016
    Official Selection
  • Metro Online Film Festival
    April 8, 2016
    Official Selection
    Austin, TX
    September 24, 2016
    Official Selection
  • Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition
    Las Vegas, NV
    August 8, 2016
  • Jefferson State Flixx Fest 2016
    Scott Valley, California
    September 23, 2016
    Best Screenplay - Finalist (3rd Runner-Up)
Writer Biography - Ian Wilson

"Rewind", short screenplay.
"Blue Monday", feature length screenplay, WGA registered, 2015.
“Crimson Queen”, feature length screenplay, WGA registered, 2014.
“Why the Financial Crisis Missed the Insurance Industry”. Saudi Economic Journal, Spr., 2009.
“Opportunities & Obstacles in the Saudi Insurance Industry” Saudi Economic Journal, Spr., 2008.
“Whose Business is it?”, Canadian Insurance, Oct. 1992
“Brokerage Perpetuation”, Canadian Insurance, Oct 1991.
“An English Lesson for Brokers”, Canadian Underwriter, Sept, 1990.

Writing Awards:

- Hollywood Sky Film Festival, 2015.
- Official Selection, London Shows Film Festival, 2015.
- Official Selection, Kinolit Film Festival, Official Selection, 2015
- Official Selection, London Shows, Film Festival, 2015.
- Best Action Narrative Screenplay, The Summer Slam Festival, 2015.
- Best Crime Screenplay (2nd Place), The Indie Gathering, Husdon, Ohio. 2015
- Best Screenplay Runner-up, Three Cities Festival, Los Angeles., 2015
- 5th place TLLjournal, Logline contest, 2014

Master of Business Administration (MBA), York University, Toronto, 1994
Bachelor of Science, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, 1984.

Actor and voice-artist.

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Writer Statement

Firstly, let me thank you for your consideration of my screenplay. Secondly, I would like to give you a brief bio about myself. This will help you to get to know me and some of the aspects of my life that may have influenced the creation of this story.

I was born in Scotland and emigrated to Canada when I was twenty years old. In my youth I was a keen writer, had a part-time job as a copyboy in a national newspaper, and participated in local theatre as an actor, stage hand and FX technician. However, I followed my father’s footsteps to become a marine engineer and sailing the world’s oceans.

By my mid-twenties I went through a career change into business, eventually becoming a management consultant and gaining an MBA. This career took me back to the UK, to the Middle East and back to Canada.

During my business career, I wrote several articles for business journals and got back into the theatre as a director and a mentor to small theatre companies.

Recently, I decided to make another significant career change. I decided to give up my corporate career and commit myself to writing and acting. To teach myself screenwriting I read a lot, then began by writing a screenplay for the Ian Rankin novel, Doors Open.

The Crimson Queen is my first “own” screenplay and, although I say this with all modesty, I do believe that it has a great deal of potential as a profitable and entertaining story.

Sixth Sense is one of my favourite films and I openly admit that there are influential elements of that story within Crimson Queen. Also, I have used the protagonist’s amnesia induced, blackouts to bring flashbacks into the story and provide the audience with clues about the events that led to his current situation. I also used the occasional appearances and disappearances of the protagonist to bring some mystery into his modus operandi, the logic of which becomes clear in the curve-ball ending of the story.

Once again, thank you for your consideration and above all I hope that you enjoy the Crimson Queen story.