Silent Rescue

When a young Mexican boy is separated from his immigrant family by a corrupt US Border Patrol officer, he winds up living out his youth in the dismal Texas Juvenile Home system. Bitter and angry, he strategizes with his friends to escape up north to the oil country where they intend to find work. Before their plans can manifest, their sad situation only compounds worse: they are sold by the same corrupt government men to labor in the service of an ancient Aztec demon who promises power and eternal life. They soon realize they are intended for human sacrifices to ensure immortality for these corrupt men.

The boy escapes with the aid of Miguel, a mysterious man who can shape-shift at will. Miguel is an angel assigned to rescue the hapless boy and reunite him with his equally distraught family in Texas labor camps. Miguel has taken corporeal form, a vulnerable flesh and blood state which he must keep for 40 days in order to accomplish his task.

Miguel and the boy journey across the wilderness of Texas where the hardened orphan experiences big measures of faith and understanding, and rediscovers the neglected terrain of his own heart.

  • Todd Sorrell
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    United States
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  • Mountain Film Festival
    Mountain Film Festival
    February 10, 2015
    2nd Place screenplay
  • Terror Film Festival
    Terror Film Festival
    September 15, 2014
    3rd Place screenplay
  • Summer Slam Film Festival

    August 20, 2015
    Best Writer of Festival
Writer Biography - Todd Sorrell

Winner of the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2017, Todd has had numerous wins and runner-up placements in top screenwriting contests. With captivating stories that are steeped in fantasy and sci-fi, Todd's screenplays have been warmly received by those who appreciate coming-of-age dramas colored by the fantastical.

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Writer Statement

I have an obsession with angels. Most of my stories have biblical and mythical elements that satisfy our desire to escape our daily reality, where we can encounter characters with ancient wisdom and mystical secrets.