The Chernny Bavarskiy

The Chernny Bavarskiy is a pulp love story filled with espionage, high tech and murder. Birky-Brase aka Bauda Nkoma, an Immigrant born and raised in Munich, Germany who gets indoctrinated by his childhood captures is groomed to become a secret assassin. He eventually breaks free of them and flees to America via political asylum where he is eventually found by a Bavarian hitman. In the meantime, the most unlikely relationship is forged between he and a woman with whom he eventually falls for but she has her own dark past. They go on a roundabout of close-encounters, crossing paths that ultimately lead to a compelling end. With mutual ties to both Corporatocracy and International terror the hunter and hunted become the prey.

  • Rome Mubarak
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Rome Mubarak

A passionate screenwriter with finally 3 completed screenplays to my credit and working on my fourth along with 7 other treatments in development as the creative juices flow. I am currently a UCLA film student enrolled in the Extension program on the Director's track. I am also an actor who can hold a note. I am currently advancing my skill set with additional acting classes. I maintain a disciplined diet and regular exercise regiment. I am an avid reader and history buff with good memorization skills. I can command good old English or carribbean accent at will. I am a well traveled rennissance man of the arts and collector of old rare books with an intense fetish for chocolate and sweet liquors. A team player as a 2nd AC who is very punctual, good at taking directions and criticism, hard-working, and adaptable. My past occupation consists of being an adjunct college professor, photographer and social worker. Additional activities include bike racing, snowboarding, singing, archery and hunting. Very active and keen on eating right and staying healthy.

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The oddity of the lives we live can't possibly be better conveyed than on the canopy we create for the silver screen .