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Hands of Thunder

An angry mob burned his home, shot his dog, killed his father and his mother and sisters were captured Indians. To honor his father's dying request 14 yr. old Ty Harden must rescue his family from the Indians, avoid the cavalry, single handedly take on the gang that killed his father and take the family west... without ever killing anyone.

  • Carl Gundestrup
    Tales of Davy Jones-Quetzalcoatl
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    United States
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  • Student Project:
    February 18, 2018
    Winner "Best Original Screenplay"
  • Gloria International Film Festival
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    August 8, 2006
    Best Original Screenplay
  • Finalist Austin Revolution Film Festival
    Austin, Texas
    June 29, 2018
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3540 West Jameson Ave

C. 801-450-2515.

Riverton, Utah 84065


“Tales of Davy Jones” Writer, Director, Executive Producer audio adventure for children. 22 Voices – Fully Orchestrated Original Music – Complete Sound Effects –Cover Art Davy McClelland *Disney promotional video

* Winner of “Mom’s Choice Award” for excellence in family-friendly media.

* “Rising Star “ NAPPA (National Parenting Publication Awards) 2010

* School Library Journal Review May 21st, 2011

“Tales of Davy Jones” will be featured as a serial story in “Kidsville News” beginning in September 2011.

Kidsville News newspaper reaches 150,000 k-6 children in 7 school districts in Utah and nearly 2 million students, educators and their families in 24 states.

Promotional video – clips of the audio – reviews are available at

In 2005 my script “Hands of Thunder” was awarded

“Best Original Screenplay” at the Gloria International Film Festival.

Writer, Producer, Talent “Introduction to Lighting for Film and Video” & “Green Screen Lighting”.

Writer Series “Cleon Skousen Visits Israel” “Prophecy” “Last Days of Christ’s Life parts 1 & 2.” “Miracles and Ministry of Jesus”

Writer “Family History” LDS Church

Writer “Disabilities and Discipleship” LDS Church

Writer “New Employee Orientation” Novell

Writer, Director, Producer “One Day Surgery for Children”

University of Utah Medical Center

Writer, Director, Camera “I C once kids card”

Purple Mattress 64,896,228 views
Squatty Potty 32,195,007 views
“10 annoying people you meet at the Gym” Nordic trak
1,327, 070 views
HMA 1,467,078 views
Nerd Skincare 725,400 views
Vidangel Game of Thrones 512,166 views Touched by an Angel Fall Promo Pepsi Auditions John Stockton Steve Young iFit Proform Whisper Island Tales of Davy Jones NuSkin Rags Kids Club Value Tales Usana The Haunting of Marsden Manor Xango Sears / Proform 4 Life Hiro Opening Montage for Carl's Demo Reel

Production Resume Carl Gundestrup

Gaffer "Touched by an Angel" (Fall Promo & Second Unit)

Gaffer "Pepsi Auditions John Stockton"

Gaffer/Camera "Steve Young" Proform Treadmills

Gaffer "ABC 20/20"

Gaffer Olympic Gold medalists “Derek Para, Mitch Gaylord, Nikki Stone”

Gaffer "Tony Bennett"

Gaffer "Settling Alaska" Industrial Light and Magic

Gaffer "America's Most Wanted"

Gaffer Features/Big documentaries "Faith of Our Fathers” “Sweetwater Rescue” “The last Eagle Scout” “Scout Camp” "Propensity" "Whisper Island" "Someone Was Watching" "Handcart" "Fortune Cookie “Joseph Smith” “Joseph Fielding Smith” etc.

Gaffer "Mark Eaton" PSA Child Abuse

Gaffer "Dutton's in Concert" (5 cameras 2 jibs)

Gaffer "Men in Red" Novell *award winner

Gaffer "Culinary Creations" W/ Mary Craft PBS series

Gaffer "Bath and Body Works"

Camera/LD Frank Layden "Utah Opera Festival"

Camera/LD Al Pacino "Sundance Film Festival"

Camera/LD "Norm Crosby"

Camera/LD "Dead Sea Scrolls Symposium" Israel

Camera/LD ICON Proform, Weider, Health Rider, Nordic Track, Crossbow

Steadicam St. George Marathon

Steadicam/LD ICON Proform infomercial

Steadicam/LD English 2nd Language James Sorenson

Director/Producer Marriott International Training

Director/Producer "Artificial Ear" U of U. Med. Ctr.

Director/Camera "Utah Jazz" Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Director/Camera "F.E.M.A." training

Director/Camera "Treasury of Knowledge" BYU

Director/Camera "First Aid" National Safety Council

Director/Camera "CPR" National Safety Council

Director/Camera "NetWare" Novell

Writer/Director/Camera "IC One Kids Card"

Writer "Cleon Skousen visits Israel" (series)

Writer/Director/Producer "Surgery 4 Children" U of U

Writer "Family History" LDS Church

Writer "New Employee Orientation" Novell

Writer "Disabilities and Discipleship" LDS Church

Writer/Director "Spiff Interactive Network" Amiga

Key Grip "Planet Snow"

Key Grip "On Our Own" Feature film

Key Grip "Dream Machine" Feature film

Dolly Grip "Heart" In concert

Dolly Grip "Mamas and Papas" In concert

Dolly Grip "Association" In concert


Education: Associate Degree Humanities Napa Jr. College Napa, Ca

Bachelors Degree Communications (Film) Brigham Young University

I was Born and raised in Napa, California. I played basketball at Napa High School and 2 years at Napa Junior College. I served an LDS mission to the “Massachuesetts, Boston Mission”. In 1977 I moved to Utah to continue my education at BYU. I began working in film at the Brigham Young University studios in 1978. During the past 33 years I have had extensive experience in almost every job relating to film and video production. I have my own complete grip and lighting package, which I have used to do more than a dozen feature films, countless commercials and corporate industrial projects.

I was the writer, producer and the on-camera talent for 2 videos on lighting. “Introduction to Lighting for Film and Video” and “Green Screen lighting”. Available @

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Writer Statement

Every great western, the good guy has an equalizer. "Silverado" Danny Glover had a "Henry Rifle." Quigley had a "Sharp's 45-110." 13yr. old Ty Harden has "2 Lemat Revolvers." A Lemat is a black powder handgun that shoots 9, 44 caliber slugs and a 16 gauge shotgun. Sometimes black powder guns work just fine. Sometimes not. There are some fantastically fun moments when the gun does and DOES NOT work.