N-W-G (New World Gangsters)

On one hand N-W-G (New World Gangsters) seeks to turn hardcore gangsters into a community crime fighting force. On the other to teach wayward troubled youth societal and creative skills and to be productive to themselves and society as a whole.

N-W-G (New World Gangsters) is a post-modern action drama set in the gangland streets of any present day urban city.

The story begins when protagonist (pre-teen) John Trigger AKA J.T. witnesses the murder of his parents in a drive by shooting setting the stage for his hate of the crack cocaine drug trade and seeking retribution for their murder once he becomes of age.

Of age, J.T. finds himself sitting in a police interview room with his attorney being offered a deal by a federal intermediary to either join the covert N-W-G program, the vision of a local judge, and use their skills to secretly fight crime in his community, or having been snitched out most certainly end up facing prison time for crimes he and his crew are suspected of committing.

Now a covert N-W-G operative, J.T. seizes the opportunity to use their newly found resources to find and seek retribution on his parent’s killers. He and his crew embark on a series of crime fighting interventions set to propel them from societies bad list of rejects and jail bound losers, to a new life of recognition and respect by all in the community and beyond as their masked clad saviors.

J.T.’s love hate relationship with a childhood friend, adversaries seeking to end his existence, and his desire to seek retribution takes the audience on a whirlwind ride of betrayal, intrigue and crime ridden adventures as he and his crew must overcome the many obstacles fighting crime in societies dark recesses, while risking it all becoming intertwined with his evolving new love interest in an up and coming singing sensation, Cathy, whom he must protect at all costs.

The Judge’s vision of N-W-G (New World Gangsters) looks to be the growing pains J.T. and his band of warriors needed to turn the corner on their ill fated life of crime once and for all to becoming societies new world heroes tasked with searching out, confronting and eliminating all overt and covert sinister forces who dare prey on brown and underprivileged communities across the US and beyond. Whoever, wherever, whenever, it doesn’t matter. It’s on!

  • John Snell
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    Action, Drama, Feature
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    United States
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    March 15, 2023
    Coverfly Red List Top 20
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    May 8, 2023
    WeScreenplay Top 8%
Writer Biography - John Snell

I am an Oakland, California native. Retiree from telecommunications companies.

My interest in Screen writing came when I took an acting class with the Jean Shelton School of Acting in San Francisco Ca.. I was discussing my views concerning the cause and effects of drugs and crime in the brown community with a classmate after class one day. After hearing what I had to say she suggested maybe I should write a screenplay on the subject. She gave me a couple of books on the subject, I read them and after some research decided I would.

Once I'd finished the first draft I sent it off to a company for analysis, but the rewrite seemed monumental being my first attempt and basically learning on my own by trial and error.

I side tracked for a few years when a co-worker induced me to invest in some sound equipment, creating a home studio making music beats. I began experimenting with writing song lyrics and making beats. Initially, with the idea of constructing an original sound track for the N-W-G (New World Gangsters) movie I was envisioning for the screenplay. Later, for personal growth and satisfaction and I lost focus on the screenplay.

A few years later my idea for the movie became front and center again, when I became aware of a community program called Advance Peace that was being piloted in Richmond, Ca.. And was also being discussed to be piloted in Sacramento, Ca. focusing on alternative solutions targeting rehabilitating gang members, which just happen to be closely related to the concept of my screenplay. And, with Richmond, Ca. also being the place where the co-worker who'd been helping me work on my envisioned soundtrack for my screenplay happen to live, I felt it was a good time to get back to finishing the rewrite on the script.

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Writer Statement

I now have three completed feature spec scripts titled "N-W-G (New World Gangsters)", "New World Gangsters 2 : Retribution", and "New World Gangsters 3 : Latin Tangle" all aligning in the vein of a new original feature film franchise. The WeScreenplay reader who helped me polish the scripts feels they would make a great new franchise, and remind him a lot of “The Fast and The Furious” and “Creed III” franchises as far as target audiences who would be drawn to watch. In his opinion it is a winner. Especially, according to him with the "Fast and Furious" franchise drawing to an end. That a project such as "N-W-G (New World Gangsters)" could possibly be a title that could fill the vacuum that would be created. Since this type of feedback was my goal while writing the scripts I feel I have finally at least reached that particular goal.

The reader also highly recommended submitting to management companies and screenplay contests among other submission recommendations (one being an industry tip, but following up on industry tips are very hard for new unsolicited material). These are things I am presently working on among others in my attempts to get the script into the hands of someone who might feel the same as the reader and myself and hopefully succeed in creating a new action feature film franchise.