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An 18 yr old, lonely, gender-neutral, Journalism Student could benefit to break confidentiality of parents who are a married team of Pediatrician and Child Psychologist who help potty-train toddlers;
first as medical research for a book,
then as profession when they are sought after by affluent celebrity couples.

FIRST FLUSH is Dramedy about strong nuclear family vs affect of celebrity society.

Mr & Mrs Doctor are a team of pediatrician and child psychologist who help parents potty train toddlers; first as medical research, then as profession when they are sought after by affluent celebrity couples.
Kid’s lonely college life, down the crapper by association, could get a social status boost as a celebrity-snitch in betrayal of parents’ confidentiality.
Kid's journalism Professor is a manipulative loser, desperate to cash-in on the big money, inside scoop-on-the-poop about Celebs.

Pilot Ep. - Scooping the Poop
Kid reluctantly helps parents with their potty-training research.
Mr. & Mrs. Doctor are called to help Mr. & Mrs. Mayor with toddler’s medical poo emergency.
Professor tricks Kid to get details about Mayor and celebs.
Hottie Student tempts Kid to use celebrity contact for friends and popularity.
... and what’s with the Mayor’s Butler?

  • Marisa Torre
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    Screenplay, Television Script
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Writer Biography - Marisa Torre

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada

Film Arts at Ryerson
Fashion and Business at Seneca
Screenwriting with Larry Kasdan
2 yrs Royal Conservatory of Music

12 years York Region District School Board, Educational Assistant
5 yrs Volunteer - Art Gallery Ontario(AGO), TIFF, ReThink Cancer Breast Fest Film Fest (and others)
2 years TV Producer - Rogers Cable TV
Published Author 2006
12 Children’s Books
7 TV Pilots
4 Feature Films
5 Poetry Books

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Writer Statement

My literary favourite is G.B Shaw.
At age 15 in High School English class, I was greatly influenced by his play
MRS WARREN'S PROFESSION, not so much for the salacious subject matter he made sociable to discuss, but because he taught me to understand the other side of judicious morality.

Shaw’s principles of morality become relevant to a new generation engaging elements of characters and young leads they can relate to.
I am mindful to do justice to Shaw's elevated views of morality and the depiction of common decency in those we see as below us and the flaws of those we see as above us.

I offer a unique talent for compelling visuals and controversial dialogue driven in the context of mainstream projects featuring light comedy and music in TV and Film.

I've worked in TV production and I pride myself on successful collaborations to established franchises as well as
writing to targeted audiences, casting and production budgets

I'm a very centered, well adjusted earthy person
-no drugs no drama no demons
but driven!
with an insanely wild imagination, solid work ethic and smart business sense