Amata nobis

Main idea:Walking into the past, like memories, is often the key to real events. In the distant 40-ы (the year of writing the story of Ivan Bunin), man has trip with his wife. The sudden stop of the train at the station, where he spent his childhood and youth, immerses him in past memories. Memories of youth, where he was young, love and believed in great love for all his life. The main hero was also been wrong (he is an officer in Red Army), and the station,that he passes across, was forgotten by him, as sweet memory of childhood and youth. However, the acute sensation of his unhappy life spent on empty life and empty woman next for him, discard his past life, where he was sailed on the boat with his only and beloved his girl Ruse. The yellow sarafan of Rusya becomes for him a symbol of unattainable happiness, and shot from the pistol of the mad mother of Rusya, trying in the past to destroy their happiness,was the indicator of his life in present. Rusya in yellow sarafan, a care free dacha 's life in a lodging estate was destroyed by revolution, parents of Rusya,who were emigrating from the USSR with his first lover, new Soviet government,where he took his place in the formed Soviet hierarchy- all was fliying, before his eyes as protagonist, and was forcing him to make hin the most important act in his life:to jump into the past for his first and only lover and breaking up in death.

  • Project Type:
    Feature, Short
  • Runtime:
    28 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    September 14, 1996
  • Production Budget:
    350,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    Russian Federation
  • Country of Filming:
    Russian Federation
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • FilmFestival of VGIK of Sergey Gerasimov
    Russian Federation
    October 19, 1997
    Russian Premiera
    Grand Prize for best film and best producer
  • Gatchina's FilmFestival of literature screenings
    Russian Federation
    August 16, 1998
    Russian premiera
    Grand prize
  • Wursburg Film Festival
    February 14, 1999
    World premiera
    Prize of audience
  • San Paulo Film Fesival
    San Paolo
    July 18, 1999
    World premiera
    Prize of audience
Distribution Information
  • VGIK commercial department
    Country: Russian Federation
    Rights: Video on Demand, Theatrical
    Country: France
    Rights: All Rights, Internet, Video on Demand, Video / Disc, Free TV, Paid TV
Director Biography

Main specialty: Producer, director Film and TV, scriptwriter
member of Women in film(WIF)
member of FilmIndependent(FI)
member of Russian filmmakers of Kinosoyuz,
graduated Moscow University of communications(MEIC):broudcasting
All-Russian Institute of Cinematography named of Sergey Gerasimov, specialty: filmmaker
( workshop of Evgeny Tashkov) in 1996
NYFA Moscow (producer's workshop:Lydia Cedrone) 2013

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Director Statement

2016/2017: producer, author of the idea, script series "Jump", "Another Life", "Sweet Revenge"
2016/2017: short film "The President" (in production)
2016/2017: producer and director of the feature film "Waterfront" (in production)
2015/2016: producer of the documentary film "By steps" (in production) "Nature in the nude" (in production), «Churches of the world» in production
2013/2014:producer and director of the feature film“ Crossing in Space”, in production
2013 - director of 2 feature TV series «Long way for home» (channel Domashny) 2011/2012:independent producer, producer of German-Russian project “ Connections”
( Sunnysideup Film & Service, Germany)
2011:creative producer of the TV feature series “ Vazhnyak "(NTV)
2009-2010 : chief-director of the TV feature series "The Invisibles"
(DTV, Inter, Teleformat)
2009:director of documentary films "The Soviet underwear", "Stalinka" (TVC studio "Reporter Film"), author and director of "Photoalbom”: Mikhail Lubimov, Lydmila Alekseeva, Henry Reznik, Viktor Shenderovich, Mary Slonim (channel: "Who's Who ")
2008-2009:producer and director documentary films: "Leaving the monastery," "Epidemia," "Mama, I'm pregnant," "Love is a foreigner," "I love the married man," "Unequal marriage" from the series “Stories of the big city "(channel TNT studio" Silent Movie "),
"The Burden of Fame, " Man of the crowd "(TVC)," VIA” 1 and 2 series (Grant “TPO Union," channel "Russian World", "Nostalgia")
2007-2008: the author and director ,co-producer:
12 serial feature film "I shall return" (1 channel, nominee "Golden Eagle", 2010, Profit studio, Studio Slon)
2007: author,director,producer of documentary films: "Slaves of the two dictatorships" and "Sunshine" from series "History of a Song" (1 channel)
2005: the author, director, project manager for "The Birth of victory" for the 60th anniversary of victory (NTV) (Tefy-2005 nominee for Best Director, Prize of the Union of Journalists)
1996-2005: director of TV programmes (Tefy Award-2000 , "Golden Ostap" -2001)
2001- documentary “Heavy burden of freedom”(author:Mary Slonim),INTERNEWS
1996:30minutny feature film «Amata nobis» based on the story of Ivan Bunin, "Rusya" The film was a member of several Russian and international festivals in the framework of Institute of Cinematography (Short Film Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1997, and the festival Wursburge, Germany, 1998) The prize for literary festival screenings in Gatchina, 1997, and prize student festival VGIK in 1998 .