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The Lottery Server

A waiter in need of some self discovery, wins the lottery and travels across the country, learning how to share his wealth and his heart.

The Lottery Server

Corey a seasoned server, wins a ridiculous amount of money, when he plays the Pennsylvania lottery. After being ecstatic, the anxiety of the money takes hold of him.

As his 'friends list' explodes, he plans a cross country trip, to get away from his new found popularity.

Five months after winning, he sets out on his trek. His route takes him through many new places. Towns and Locations, that he previously couldn't afford.

Corey's empathy distracts from the anxiety which the winnings brought him. What starts as large cash tips, soon turns into a more official, 'who can I make this out to?'

The further Corey gets from home, the more he relies on strong connections back home. His Uncle and Accountant Tony, acts as the voice of reason and balance, when Corey losses focus.

Corey's best friend Olivia, compels him to be reminded of his friends back home. While they both struggle with the loneliness in distance.

On his way through Chicago, Corey meets Afton, a successful and intriguing Marketing Representative. They instantly find connection, while he struggles to keep his winnings hidden.

As Corey continues his trip, his generosity increases, with the depth of the server stories. Eventually, his 'Good Samaritan' ways get noticed by a news reporter in Portland, Oregon. She begins a quest to track down his path of generosity, using Social Media.

Corey's relationships with both Olivia and Afton, add both confusion and a crisis of heart.

Afton meets Corey for a long weekend in New Orleans. They spend a few great days together, as Afton earns his intimacies and affections. Afton goes back to Chicago, while Corey returns to the highway.

A featured news piece catches Corey's attention, as he sees Reporter Miranda Kelly, mention the 'Good Samaritan Tipper'.

With focus on starting a business after his trip, he considers what his generosity could bring to many. He starts to feel that he is becoming a person for which he could be proud of.

As the trip heads back to the Northeast, Corey takes a stop in New York to see his ex. Alexis, the outgoing and animated near super model, enjoys the visit from Corey. She subtlety makes it known, that she'd be more than happy to reconcile.

On the last push of his trip, Corey juggles his love for two women, a clear future, family & friendship and his social responsibility.

Eventually, Miranda Kelly tracks down Corey for an interview. His story is shared across the country, as he is returning home.

After much deliberation of conscience and heart, Corey settles on a target.

Corey utilizes his wealth to better the lives of his friends & family. As he unveils his new business... 'Good Samaritan Brewing Company', he offers an opportunity to share it's profits with various charities.

The Lottery Server is a story of a man finding his way in life with the relationships he already has, the new ones he begins to build, and the inner one with himself.

(c) 2018 - writer Jim Catizone

  • Jim Catizone
    The Italian Restaurant, Rev On the Red Line & Scare The Girls
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  • Los Angeles CineFest
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    November 7, 2017
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    New York
    May 16, 2018
    Official Selection
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    December 15, 2017
    Official Selection
  • Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge
    June 27, 2020
    Official Selection
  • Paris Play Film Festival
    June 27, 2020
Writer Biography - Jim Catizone

I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town. I am one of six children born into a large Italian family. The fun fact about my youth is that I grew up in Centralia, PA. A town that is famous for a mine fire that burned under the town for almost 50 years.

As I grew up, most of my work experience was restaurant, retail and sales oriented. My family were always involved in the restaurant business and I continue to work in that industry today.

Between 2003-2005 I decided to attend college for Broadcast Communications and Journalism Communications. I obtained two Associates Degrees in both Majors. The local job scene for both of these degrees in the Scranton, PA area, was not lucrative. I continued to work in the service industry, due to the influx of good money which that business brings.

I've always had an interest in movies/film. I quickly learned that, that said influence was steering me toward wanting to write. I started to write a screenplay based upon the restaurant industry. My focus was to try to depict what it was really like to work as a server in the industry. This led to my first original and feature length screenplay.. 'The Italian Restaurant'. I spent many years developing and writing 'The Italian Restaurant'. Over the past few years, I've taken that script through many changes.

Although, I still work full time in the service industry, my hobby/passion is writing. Since the beginning, I've now written six original feature screenplays and adapted one.

I'm developing my IMDB page to help get myself out there. In an industry that is saturated with thousands of screenwriters, we need all the help and exposure that we can get.

I currently live in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. I work full time for a Philadelphia based company called 'Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar'. I really enjoy my job and really believe in my company. However; I secretly look forward to the day when writing could be a full time gig for me.

My name is James Catizone you can reach me at

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