The Introspect

Asher finds out he's adopted but must hold this to secrecy resulting in him leading a double-life as he pursues his biological family.

Based on a true story, this screenplay is about a young boy who's separated at birth by the system. Adopted out from his biological family he becomes the son to a very religious and uncompromising mother.
Growing up in gangland Los Angeles he attempts to navigate through all the snares and trappings of the inner-city while unbeknownst to him his biological family are entangled in a myriad of societal woes. He and his adoptive mother are bound and sworn to secrecy to the outside world of how he came into being.
Confronted with religiosity, the color complex, near brushes with death, molest and self-hatred by those who surround him, he sets out to learn of who he is supposed to be. 
Precocious by nature, he develops an incessant desire to learn of his biological family and in a bizarre twist of fate, approaching adulthood, he begins to work for the very system that separated him at birth. As a social worker, he operates in a clandestine fashion in order to locate his own family while at the same time learning the cruelties of the system.
He is further inspired by a foster child he sees himself in and finds an affinity for. He makes an organic journey to Ghana West Africa where he sees himself. The digital age arrives and DNA testing has become public becoming an absolute force to re-align man and nature and after 48 years he receives a message that changes his life forever.

  • Rome Mubarak
    The Introspect
  • Rome Mubarak
    The Way We Were
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  • Quarter-Finalist ScreenCraft Film Fund Competition 2017
    Los Angeles
    September 10, 2017

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Writer Biography - Rome Mubarak, Rome Mubarak

A passionate screenwriter with finally 2 completed screenplays to my credit and working on my third along with other treatments in development as the creative juices flow. I am currently a UCLA film student enrolled in the Extension program on the Director's track. I am also an actor who can hold a note. I am currently advancing my skill set with additional acting classes. I maintain a disciplined diet and regular exercise regiment. I am an avid reader and history buff with good memorization skills. I can command good old English or carribbean accent at will. I am a well traveled rennissance man of the arts and collector of old rare books with an intense fetish for chocolate and sweet liquors. A team player as a 2nd AC who is very punctual, good at taking directions and criticism, hard-working, and adaptable. My past occupation consists of being an adjunct college professor, photographer and social worker. Additional activities include bike racing, snowboarding, singing, archery and hunting. Very active and keen on eating right and staying healthy.

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"Short term sacrifices make for long-term gains".