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Cultural Heritage at Risk

  • Diana Kasem
  • Diana Kasem
  • 7GATES
  • Gina Borromeo Ian Straughn Kate Irvin David Elitzer Sandy Nahhas (The narrator) Aya Cheaito (The Presenter) Milanda Maroke Siba Kasem Mos'ad As'ad & Yanal Mansour
    Key Cast
  • Michael Levy
    Key Cast
    Music by Michael Levy The Old Hurrian Hymen (An interpretation of the oldest world music discovered in Ugarit) & Ancient Visions Album
  • Boutros Al Maari
    Key Cast
  • Ayham Jabr
    Key Cast
  • Wajih Kasem
    Key Cast
    Historical Review
  • Sara Gramely
    Key Cast
    Linguistic Review
  • Special thanks to RISD Museum Brown University: MCM Department & Rockefeller Library 7GATES 2017
    Key Cast
  • Bibliography Al-Attrach, R. (2017). The Silk In Syria. Ancient History, Modern Destruction: Assessing the current Status of Syria's World Heritage Sites Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Benjamin, W. (1935). The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Bishop, C. (2003). Radical Museology, or what's 'contemporary' in contemporary in museums of contemporary art? Blythe, S. G. (2017). Lectures in Museum Interpretation Practices. Brown University Cities of Light - Glass Khaled al-Asa'ad. (2017). Wikipedia: Prown, J. D. (n.d.). Mind In Matter, An Introduction To Material Culture Theory And Method. RISD Museum website The Syrian Arab Republic. (n.d). UNESCO website Video: The Process of making glass videos are taken from YouTube
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    Culture, Archaeology, Politics, Heritage, History, War, Cinema, art, museums, material culture, Documentary cinema, interpretation, curating, Exhibitions, Galleries, statues, textile, Glass, costumes, clothes, Damask, Damascus, Ugarit, Syria, Phoenicians, Civilizations
  • Runtime:
    52 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 30, 2017
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    Syrian Arab Republic, United States
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  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
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  • Diana Kasem
    Country: United States
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Director - Diana Kasem